Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thrice daily I wind the clock...


When the hands aren't even old enough to tell the time.
(That's a stonking big fib...
the clock has been in my life for as long as I can remember!)
Perhaps it's because the mighty miller's hands have lost
their feel for the job...
they've gone all floppy.
Don't ask me why hoisting up the chain on the clock
resonates with me on a primeval level?
A cynics one word reply might be... 


Transporting me back to my near recent past, when
on a cycling trip from Belgium to Holland we passed a working windmill.
Always one for a skive, I suggested we have a look.
In we went, to be met by this wonderful
huge, huger, humongerest
miller you ever did see.
Muscles rippling he showed us his equipment,
his grinding stones held me in a thrall.
Trying hard not to dribble, I endeavoured to separate the wheat from the 
chaff in my blood fuelled brain...
Questions, that's what will prolong the tour.
On and on I went , not knowing I had such an innate interest in the process.

Climbing back on the bike in a state of heightened excitement,
Ted kindly enquired
'You okay Lin, you look a bit shaky?'
'Cycling at my age is just no good for a girl!'
I replied as I climbed back on me bike.


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  3. I'm getting in a pickle here! I've started to get anonymous comments with links to what I'm worried might be unsavoury sites, hence my deletions. This blogging lark's a flaming mine-field. Hey-ho!


  4. Happy Days, Happy Memories! Love the image of you cycling!

  5. You will have to control your sauciness Lin! Seriously, bloggers have started complaining about receiving spam with links (sounds like a retro sausage!) I follow a blog called Moving On whose latest post, dated Jan 22nd, contains some advice for stopping it.

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    2. Good job you've got your finger on the blogosphere pulse Nilly!

      A good link, thank you (retro sausage - painting by words! Love it!)

      I thought I'd brought it on myself?