Friday, 22 August 2014

The Last Post...

that's it folks...
I'm gone.

For lots of reasons I've
had enough.

Toodle-pip and thank you
to all of those who have followed
and commented.  I really do appreciate
your taking time out to share your thoughts.

The spam merchants...
Why did they target my most painful
blog post?
For months, every day I've had to
check and delete them.
Added to which... 
After the events in the news 
over the last few days,
I've decided I don't want to be part of the
cyber means of communication. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The story of....

the man with the machete 
in Mauritius and a trip to

Dungeness yesterday

Dungeness October 2013

Yesterday we set off to the Rye Country Fair to see a friend who was exhibiting his classic motorbike and sidecar.  We thought we'd surprise him and his new lady-love.
We were the ones surprised,
 as he was nowhere to be seen.

With heel marks in the grass Ted dragged me 
away from the shepherd hut conversion.
'There's absolutely no way we could get that
in the garden!'

'We could easily; we'd just have to get a crane to lift it in, that wouldn't be a problem!'
Even the guy selling it laughed.
A male conspiracy I decided, you would have thought he would have had an eye to the sale.
In my heart I knew it was just one of my crazy dreams and schemes.

"Let's go to Rye!'

As the car park at Rye was full,
never one to want to queue...

'I know, better still, let's go to

I love Dungeness, all thought of the shepherd's hut gone; my dreams of coming into
some money and buying a shack on the windswept pebbles took preference.

Our last visit had been days after
Lettice had died and I wanted to have cheerier memories of my fav place.

Hat firmly plonked on,
pashmina keeping the windy chill away I was a happy girl.

Ted was cheery to, having found out that
the only two flying Lancaster bombers
were planning a fly-over along the coast.

Wrong, they flew over Lydd airport instead.
From the beach they were just specks in the distance.  Driving back from Dungeness,
we saw a Dakota, with wheels spinning we stopped I hopped out and tried to get a photo
this is it...

Alright, I know what you're thinking!

Home we came, with me with a head full
of buying a shack and doing it up.
Just thirty-one miles from home and an ideal
get-away.  Well, a girl can dream.

Getting the bought on the beach,
home-smoked haddock and eggs
out of the car, with plans to make an Omelette Arnold Bennett,
I was happy... it didn't last...
as I went to get my hat out of the back of the car, the pashmina was nowhere to be found.  I came in full of woe, where had it gone, I just couldn't believe what my eyes were telling me. 

Twice we searched the car.

My tears I'm ashamed to say, fell into my mug of tea. I loved that pashmina, silly I know.

In my head I tried to think as to when it had gone; was it when we walked back to the car at the lighthouse?  It had been very windy and I remember wrapping it around twice to secure it.  Was it when I hopped out of the car to get the wonderful action 
shot of the Dakota?
The trouble was I just couldn't remember.  

Ted phoned the pub, to ask if it had been handed in from the car park... No!

I was between a rock and a hard place, should we go back?  If we did and didn't find it that would compound the loss.  If we didn't I would always wonder what if?
Two trips to Dungeness tinged with sadness.

Ted said

'I'm going back!'

We went back with big brave me
a wreck, trying with every fibre of my being to think as to when it had gone, and why I hadn't felt it go.
Every cyclist we passed I scanned them to see if they were sporting a brightly coloured scarf.  Every road I said is this it?
Until eventually the tiny layby where I'd got the 'action shot' hove-to with a bundle forlornly nestling in the gravel.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Tears of happiness are a totally
different type of salt.

Driving back we marvelled at how it hadn't been blown into a hedge, the underside of a passing car, someone stopping and picking it up.  And we would never have known its fate.

I had no idea just how much I loved that
pashmina bought on Mauritius in 2006.

Every day we sat on the beach, the hawkers would come and try to sell us things.
We always chatted to them, understanding their need to earn a living.
One chap a tall black guy, who looked a handy sort of a feller who could more than look after himself said that he was having trouble  keeping safe, hence the machete.

As promised at the end of the holiday,
Ted bought me the pashmina; the guy was happy that we had been true to our word. And I was
now the owner of a lovely silk pashmina, which over the years has generated many admiring comments.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Birthday bon-bons...

Is it only girls that expect a lot from
As I get older they seem to deliver
less and less, or is it me
expecting more and more?
Got a horrible feeling you, as well as I, know the answer to this...
So many birthdays,
so many expectations...
so many wishes and dreams
falling wide of the mark.

A particular favourite of the
forgettable kind...
my 40th where I primped and preened
expecting to be taken to some
salubrious sexy
South Yorks hot-spot.
(alright, I know it's a contradiction in terms)

The entire evening I spent bouncing
on the kiddies castle in the pub garden with the daughters of farming friends.
I bounced away the pain along with
the thought of money spent on
facials, fluff and nails.
A night to remember of the
Hammer Horror Motives kind.

My 60th in the Arctic, 
words have no place here to describe
how things had changed in the intervening  twenty years.

A flavour of today...

The brooch...
 the tale of which I cannot tell!
Ted had this, one of my favourite
items of jewellery
repaired for me.  
The pin wasn't very secure and I was
afraid I would lose it.

Beautiful, beautiful
paintings of moths on the pages and
jackets of antique books
by a lovely new friend called

see better photographs on the link above

How can the manic murderer of clothes moths
love these so much?

These were from Ted.

This card I gave to myself
in rememberance of my much loved
and still sorely missed

it is so like her 

This morning I searched in the long grass
for the cross we put to mark her favourite spot in the garden.  No matter how hard I looked I couldn't find it.
Getting dressed I saw from the bedroom window Ted doing a finger-tip search in order to find it (old police habits die hard).
This in my book is the mark of true giving, no money can buy that sort of gift.

The trip to Deal has had to wait as Ted
is suffering from a nasty cold/chest infection bug that has swept through the cast
of Oh What a Lovely War.
The price you pay for fame!

I baked my cake...
ingredients... the weight of three eggs.
The mixer was spurned in order for me to beat the eggs in very,
very slowly.  It works: this beat it all together carry-on, doesn't give
the light touch I was looking for.  My only nod at convenience
was to use Lakeland cake liners, hence the ridged sides.

It's four-o-clock...
time for the birthday girl to
sign off.
If you have lasted this long down the blog,
I raise my glass to you.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


memories of a charmed life...

One of my first birthday memories
is of a glorious summer day.
They always were it seemed to me, perhaps my
memory plays tricks?

The table was laid
the jelly made
 hundreds and thousands
quivered and crowded the 'jelly top'
tiny sandwiches
fairy cakes
candles crowned a feather-light sponge
 awaiting a princesses
breath to blow

The princess of the day was nowhere
to be seen...
she had let the excitement get a hold
it slithered and snaked...
sick she was and went to bed
Her guests all agreed the party was fun
Pity Linda had a jippy tum

Monday, 11 August 2014

Sixty seven reasons why...

getting old isn't that bad...

You can go knickerless and folks think you've lost your 
marbles along with your drawers

grey hair likes purple hair chalk

you can trump and being deaf pretend you haven't heard it

Say outrageous things with ne'er a care

Come on strong with young men knowing they won't
think you really mean it...
Oh how wrong they can be!

Go bra-less without fear of men walking into lamp posts
giving you the eye

Shimmy into a shift thinking the straight cut
hides the podge underneath

Wear platform shoes...
these orthopaedic jobbies aren't so bad

Wide feet suddenly seem an asset...
they anchor you to the ground when too many
Babychams have been partaken of

Elasticated trousers live the dream, cushion the load...
comfort is the order of the day

Linen... the cloth of ages...
au naturel... matches the wrinkles of a life well lived...
the iron lives to smooth another day

Arrange flowers and think yourself...
Constance 'Spry'...
'Trex' would be nearer the truth...
(Those of a certain age will get it)

Shake the mop in the cupboard without your mother
'What an earth are you doing Linda?'

Wipe the washing line with the hem of your frock

'This is a haven for wildlife!'
as guests have to duck under the cobwebs hanging
like gossamer swags from the ceiling

dead tights hanging over the edge of the bath...
"An emergency exit for spiders, don't you know!'

Snifferly scorning the drunken youth of today
on your 26th Sauvignon Sundowner of the day

Demanding in imperious tones
'More canapes, my man!'
(Cheesey Wotsits)

Only checking your appearance in the
most flattering mirror in the house

No need for eyeshadow...
you have home grown shadow
alright, it's under the eye...
but no worries

For thrifts-sake working your way back
through the many and various impulse
foundation purchases, finally arriving
at Pan Stick

Making an alchemist's mix of
the freebie perfume samples,
walking through the sprayed mist, arriving over
the other side, smelling like...
Well, frankly nothing on earth
(cheap and thrifty)

now there's a word...
did you ever realise all those years
ago you could make a friend of
your tweezers

It seems like forever you await the curse
to fly off to pastures new, and
then what happens...
it leaves you a constant reminder of
just exactly what you've lost...
a face free of hair,
moisture... in all departments...
I could go on...
best not!

you naively thought that you
did that at stations

Women glow...
Oh no they don't, they sweat...
by the bucket-load

Moles... why do they
suddenly take a fancy to
the warmth of the divide of
Some sort of joke that is,
perhaps it should be
Father Nature not Mother Nature

Liver spots, blood-shot eyes, creaky bones,
bunions, corns, hard-skin
a plethora of excitements of
the ageing kind

Bingo-wings... the 
must-have of this decade

I've got to thirty...
I think I'll go and have a lie-down

Only thirty seven more to go...
Feel free to help me by adding to the list...
lest I forget!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Plump, purple legs pumped...

as we thundered out 
Oh What a Lovely War...
and then it was over.

We've learnt a whole lot about ourselves.

To say we enjoyed every second, would be slightly underplaying
just exactly how we felt.  And you know me...
say it like it is LL, preferably with 
stonking great knobs on. 

Lots of times I've walked up sidewards 
to doing this after-show post.

You know something, the light has gone out.
I'm flat... even the diva sweets flown in especially
for me from Glyndebourne

now known as Grether's Pastilles

haven't managed to work their magic.
I'm resting, I've got an after-show cold. 
The thought of my birthday on
Thursday with flutes of bubbles, trips to Deal,
maybe even Dungeness, can't seem to lift me.
Perhaps, as has long been suspected...
I am a flaming prima donna after all?

This is the solemn last scene after a quietly sung a few bars of OWALW
 We blew our candles out, the hall went dark and we all remembered them.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Pantomime dame crossed with

Alice Cooper...
you've got it in one...
me on the opening night.

At five this morning it hit me square between the eyes...
what did I look like?

A couple of days ago I was told by the trusty members of the cast 
stage makeup had to be applied with gusto.
Wandering in on the dress rehearsal night, I thought
I'd made a pretty good job of it.
'Oh no, you need to emphasise the eyes, cheeks, eyebrows!'

'Say no more!'

Last night this strolling player applied with trowel,
 industrial tipper lorry loads of kohl, eyeshadow and lippy.
My eyebrows arched with black.
Scuttling up the hill, I took the precaution of wearing shades,
as any self-respecting thespian would.

Looking at the other girls, strange to
say their beautifully applied makeup 
had taken on a definitely more muted tone.
And still I didn't twig!
 Award-winning performances they put in gazing at my
ravaged face.

'Are these apple circled cheeks a tad over the top?'

'A little too purple!'
Well, in place of not having blusher, I'd applied,
purple hair chalk, what did they expect?'
I did have the sense to Nivea them off and apply
slightly more muted slap.

And still it didn't dawn on me!
Well that is until suddenly at 5 am like a bolt of lightening
it hit me...
Ageing drag queen, crossed with Les Dawson.
Today's performances will be less slap, 
more method acting and refinement...
femme fatale...
a parody in more muted motion.
People must never, ever say give it some wellie Lin,
cos that's exactly what I do.
I know, I know it's a question of degrees.

Ted needless to say rocked them in the aisles.
A star is born.