Wednesday, 13 August 2014


memories of a charmed life...

One of my first birthday memories
is of a glorious summer day.
They always were it seemed to me, perhaps my
memory plays tricks?

The table was laid
the jelly made
 hundreds and thousands
quivered and crowded the 'jelly top'
tiny sandwiches
fairy cakes
candles crowned a feather-light sponge
 awaiting a princesses
breath to blow

The princess of the day was nowhere
to be seen...
she had let the excitement get a hold
it slithered and snaked...
sick she was and went to bed
Her guests all agreed the party was fun
Pity Linda had a jippy tum


  1. A huh ~ my suspicion deepens. Shall I just wish you a very happy birthday LL xx
    I remember an incident at my first birthday party at age 5 too.
    Hope you can contain your excitement better these days and not miss the party :)

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for your birthday wishes. Afraid I can't contain my excitement any better and I do love to party. You would think with age came decorum... errr... not in my case. At least now I'm knocking-on I don't give a fig for convention. I ought to own up... that is a teensy-weensy kind of a fib!