Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nonchalantly knickerless...

Tracey Emin card...
thank you... Jo...Fiddlesticks

I've breezed through life.
Until now that is!
This morning, as if struck by thunder, I clutched for me 
 Climbing into my clothes, made me realise how insidious ageing is.
If you ask me it's got a bare faced cheek because...
My first thought was...
followed hard-on by

Tucking my shirt into my bloomers, it suddenly hit me between the eyes.

Feeling the cold... This must be me getting old?

Worse than that on Sunday night watching
The rapidly becoming 'Mills and Boom'
costume drama...
more commonly known as
Downton Abbey.
I turned to Ted and said
'Does the picture look out of focus to you?'
Always one to placant and soothe
(anything for a quiet life)
he replied.
'Yes some of it does!'
Bearing in mind we have a screen that Imax
can only dream of, his reply didn't seem very convincing.

I worried my 'pretty' head no more.

Until this morning that is...
Prone on the sofa, mug of tea in hand, 
I thought a little light reading might be in order, 
in view of the fact on fasting days no brekkie is allowed.

My eyes must be tired I thought as I continually blinked to focus.

The oak timbers trembled as my dulcet tones summoned 
he wot knows, just about everything.

'You know that.................

He waited patiently as I grappled with the word I was trying to
Eye shop; 
the minute I said it, the right word popped into my head.
Opticians, Optometrist
showing off now!

are they any good?'

I had my eyes tested a couple of years ago,
 I have one eye which is short-sighted and 
one eye long-sighted, which the optician said
means my sight is fine.
Sounded good to me and with a jaunty step
and a fuller purse than expected, I tripped off to the nearest clothes shop 
to spend the money I would have spent on specs.

No guesses as to where I'll be bound next week...
just wish the other bits were as easy to rectify.

To get back to my youth I would do anything in the world,
except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.
Oscar Wilde


  1. cold?
    when has it been warm?

    No, oven omlette was served to no-one 'cept poor Ted!

  2. Tucked your shirt into them??? I take it you wear BIG knickers too, then.