Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Let me tell you a story...

Yesterday afternoon at 4 pm I went up to close the
Peering closely to see if any of my seeds had germinated I noticed a small bumble bee
in one of the pots.
I picked a battered cosmos flower, 
which I thought would yield him fuel for the journey home.
The next problem was where to put him; left in the greenhouse, he would never find
his way out and be home before dark.
I carefully placed the bee and the flower in the protection of the rhubarb plant residing in an old galvanised water tank.
Not even under a leaf, what was I thinking of?

This morning after an absolutely dreadful night of torrential rain I nipped up to see
if he had gone.

Imagine my horror at finding him very wet and bedraggled still 
endeavouring to gather nectar from the flower.

this is him indoors with a selection of
blooms to choose from

My heart was fit to bust.

"What have I done?'

You've always got to stick you oar in, haven't you Miss Goody Two Shoes!

Playing God of a Diva-kind!

Carefully I've carried him inside,
I gathered more flowers, all of which didn't suit, he was still valiantly trying to harvest
food from the original bloom.

The beekeeper in me clicked in, and I have now made a sugar solution
which I trickled onto folded kitchen roll.
The bee is now ensconced in a Bunnykins bowl
having a much needed all-day brekkie.

Where to go now that is the problem.

The bee is looking decidedly chipper.  Shall I wait for him to fly, and then release
him to hopefully find his way home.
It's still tricky as the weather is still more
showers than sun.


The sugar syrup worked its magic and before long the bee had flown onto the curtains for a wash and brush up.

After his R & R and much discussion on our part as to the best way forward,
Ted and I, the bee, the Bunnykins dish, and a clear cover by way of a
plastic food container; trodged back up the soggy garden.
Our idea was to put him back in the protection of the rhubarb plant, with
sustenance and cover, in case of a sudden, all too familiar cloudburst.
I carefully arranged the palatial abode,Ted opened the container
and much to our delight the bee took to the sky.

A job well done.

This little tale reminds me of one in the year 2000;
  it involved a man, an insect and me.
Without a happy ending this time.

I had a pet spider, one who had taken up residence in my kitchen window.
For months we lived a happy co-existence,
Simon when cleaning the windows would be careful 
not to dislodge his web, the spider in return
was vigilant in catching flies.

Simon died in the study, he was ill for eleven weeks.
The spider and Lettice were my only companions at that sad time.
(see the post 'Lettice's birthday' on the sidebar)

The day after Simon died, I went to the sink to make my solitary cup of tea
on the first morning of the rest of my life.
 To my horror the spider lay dead in the sink,
His life had also drawn to a close.

When it comes to my time to rattle the
pearly gates, I will say...
'Don't forget the 26th September 2012 when
I earned a shed load of nectar points!'

The gates will clang shut as I step
jauntily through, eyeing up which cloud would best suit my
cherubic curves.


  1. Ah Linda, what a moving post, your gallant efforts at saving your bee and then your sad story about Simon and the spider. Then your amazing humour shone through and the nectar points made me laugh outloud. jayne x

    1. Jayne, Always look on the bright side of life, is the mantra I've carried with me through my many and various exploits! I'm also lucky to be blest with cheerful genes, fat ar** not withstanding.


  2. Gosh - you've had me chuckling & crying & smiling again in the time it takes to read one little blog post - what a woman!

    1. Nilly, You wait 'til the apparition appears when you next picnic by the pond... Take it from me you'll choke on your pork pie.

      Thank you so much for all the lovely things you've said, I really do appreciate them.

      BIG bosomy hugs,


  3. Heavens above woman...what a post! x

    1. Viv, the jury's still out as to whether it will be 'heavens'?

      Have a brill day tomorrow, I'll be thinking good positive, profitable thoughts.