Friday, 14 September 2012

With hazel eyes and an air of corduroy, he...

held the door for me to totter through.

Me, looking for all the world like Mr Chad,
over the Pisa pile of boxes I was carrying.
Our eyes met, with not a flicker of recognition on my part.
I felt weak at the knees, not from my burden of craft paraphernalia.

An Adonis with a beard, and mane of blond hair flopping in his eyes.
Lithe legs clad in brown corduroy transported me back in time...
Michael, my brown eyed handsome man, I wonder where you are?

Setting up my stall on a bitterly cold winter's day, I thought no more, 
busy in my own middle-aged way.

A shadow fell across my stall...
'Hello Linda!'
I looked up to see Ben peering down at me with a smile
which played a fluttering tune on my heartstrings.

Looking vague (not uncommon on my part) I quizzically
lost myself in the deep pools of his beautiful eyes.

'It's Ben, don't you remember me?'

How could I forget?

'Sorry no I don't Ben!' I replied wracking my brains 
and kicking myself at the same time
(not an easy feat in anyones book).

'It was in Westerham, where you were the cook
and I came in after school to wash up.'

My mind skidded back...

to the boy with his arms deep in suds,
always willing, chatty and helpful.


I couldn't believe it.  Such a lovely lad,
grown into a magnificient man.

He was at the fair with his radiant 
girlfriend Victoria,

Their makes just blew me away.

I spent more on their wares than my takings allowed.
I didn't care.  

Magical mini works of art.

Just wished I'd kept Victoria's cards 
instead of sending them to folk who may not appreciate or love them.

It was a wicked Winter day in a marquee, the sky heavy with snow.
Condensation dripped on our backs, chilling all, to the marrow.
There was one ancient bod that was aglow however...