Sunday, 23 September 2012

One man went to sow...

went to sow a meadow.

Can you believe it has taken me most of the week
with a sore thumb, to get from jungle to desert?

With the weather set fair today,
it just leaves me time to sow my magical mixture  
for the rain expected from tomorrow onwards.

I started this post yesterday.  Today finds me
just like a kid up at sparrow fart on Christmas morning, excited waiting for the...
rain... Rain?  
Yes rain... worrying isn't it?

I worked all day sieving, tilling and stamping (I'm especially good at that!)
And I can't really believe it of myself, I let Ted sow the seeds.


For once, never to be repeated I hasten to add; I bowed to my better judgement
and very, very reluctantly agreed, that my heavy-handed approach, to just about every cotton-picking thing in life just wouldn't do.  The very precise
administering of wild flower seeds, would be far better in the hands of
someone who delights in doing a job as set down by the rules.
As opposed to my 'That'll do!' School of Life carry on.
He worked out the exact amount required per square metre,
even weighed the seed, I ask you!

He walked out one autumn afternoon,
sowing and looking for all the world 
like he'd just stepped out of a 
Thomas Hardy novel.

Yes, I know I'm mixing up me authors,
poetic licence innit.

I sneakily watched from the window,
quality control you understand.

The job was a goodun.

I'm up early in order not to frighten the neighbours
as I do a naked rain dance. 


  1. Very effective, that naked rain dance, obviously. Hope the consequent flooding doesn't wash all the grass seed away!

    1. As we speak I am only now trying to reverse the steps. Got a 'orrible feeling they were tears of laughter from above. Boy was it powerful; and I thought it was only men I had that effect on! My ancient bod is aquiver with the endless possibilities that present themselves!

      Ted's just said do I know the lottery dance?


  2. Think you must have sent the rain up this end, it is down here and windy to boot. I never do anything precisely, that is how I love raw edges, decomposition, fraying one of these days someone may find out I am just lazy! I once had to do a scale drawing (yes to scale!!!!!) and use a scale ruler - had to consult T didn't know how to use the ruler. Guess why I never tried patchwork????!!!!! p.s. not even allowed near the breadknife - have your ever seen a loaf cut on the diagonal - quite an art x