Saturday, 8 September 2012

As I goose-stepped out of...

our local Arts Centre having been rebuffed,
for offering my services,
I don't mind admitting every pore in my bod smarted.

Waking up yesterday morning I felt sad and unloved.
(pathetic I know - cos I'm anything but!)

Friday is always an exciting Abel & Cole delivery day
and as we were having guests for luncheon, Ted kept
bobbing out to see if our order had been left in the 
little secret cupboard by the gate.

Mid morning it had, and I was summons to stash the goodies away.
On seeing him staggering in with more boxes than expected,
in my best Lady Bracknell voice,
my dulcet tones reverberated around the village.

'Stop!  Two of these boxes aren't for us!'

On closer inspection the address was right, the name was wrong.

My stout legs  with veins resembling
an O.S. map carried me at speed up the stairs
to phone the lovely Mr. Abel.

'Oh woe is me, we seem to have been delivered
someone else's order!'  AND 

worse than that it is a...
bottle of champagne and a
game pie.

I was quite overcome by the thought of...
a bottle of sparkles PLUS a pie... 
going to someone else.

I was game; however honesty,
much against my better judgement,
horribly came into play.

The cheery Ellie at Abel & Cole,
said she'd get on the case and report back.

I wouldn't mind, but I'd even offered to 
fridge it, Ted had even offered to deliver it!

If that isn't being magnanimous
I don't know what is!

I paced around waiting for a call back,
looking for all the world like a 
looking for my next 
fix of Battenburg.

The phone rang...
'It's good news' said Ellie
'What it's been a horrible mistake and I can keep it?'
'No, better than that, it was ordered by Jean in Leeds
especially for you.  She wants you to have a lovely picnic in the garden
while the weather is nice and enjoy!

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather!

We have, and we raised a glass to Alan and Jean.

Can you tell which glass is Ted's?



  1. What a fantastic gift to receive, and what a lovely thought by your friends. It is those gestures that make everything seem right with the world. Hope you enjoyed the pie and champers in the sunshine! jayne x

    1. Sure did Jayne! Thank you for your thoughts the other day. As you see I'm back. The sofa has had me in its clutches.

      I'm now off to take the rostrum (read chaise) for the Last Night. My Air on a G String always goes down a treat!


    2. Linda so glad you are back I do miss your humour. You have just made me laugh out loud at the air on a g-string - you are such a joy!!! still chuckling!

  2. Ooh that was a nice surprise! And we've had the smashing weather to enjoy the picnic too.
    Hope you are both well and will try to catch up next week. xx

  3. you'd been gone so long I thought you'd been sectioned!

    wow what wealthy friends you must have, if you get too much champers (I know there probably isn't such a thing but you never know...) I can come and collect...
    ps Lady Bracknell is my role model, she's the only reason for wanting someone to comment on your handbag ;)

  4. Damn it, why didn't I think of that? What a great idea and you deserve every little drop and crumb of your delicious presee. xxx