Sunday, 25 September 2011

How have I let my life get in so much of a pickle?

Here's how...

Alright, alright I know its a blatant plug, but I don't care!

This is the state of my Winter room

Call it chaos I don't care!

I'm like a snake shedding skin, years of clutter I aim to share
(plus make a few bob along the way).

this is me preparing for my stall at the next Kitsch and Stitch Fair,
which seeing as you ask is...

Saturday 3rd December

For more details :-


You should just see the state of my attic

You impressed?

Well you should blooming be...

However that is only one side!?!



Stop Press...

'I think I'm in love!'

Yawn  'Who is it this time LL?'

This time its not a man nor yet a woman (see Annie)

its Greek basil...

let it envelope you in its aromatic caress

Available from my flavourite store...



Sunday, 18 September 2011

I think I'm in love... again?

who is it this time LL?

Before I tell you...
after yesterday's rant I'm happy!

For lots of reasons, not least because today was the Observer Food Monthly day and here lies the rub.

My latest squeeze is...

yes... you've guessed it - tomatoes?

Only joking - Jay Rayner.
Alright I know I've departed from my usual gay men lust, 
but hey ho I don't frigging care.

My spirits were lifted when Hubs trogged back from the paper shop with a copy of the Observer.
After yesterday I'd definitely got the wind up.  Perhaps after all these years, my being a fully paid up member of the Champagne Socialist Party was no more.
Cast adrift... Crumbs!

Two pages in, my heart was lifted by the sight of Grayson Perry...
No!  Don't go there LL.
One page further...
'The big Book Swap
begins this week'
Now there's an idea that really appeals.
You won't be surprised to learn that if I read a book that I really enjoy, I positively bully everybod into reading it.
Trouble with the Observer's idea is, I would have to lurk behind a tree and pounce whenever the innocent soul picked up the book. 
Extolling the virtues of the aforesaid, I would definitely put them off.
A captive audience is more my bag.
However I will give it a go.

Now to my latest love...
Followers of my blog (all two of you) will possibly remember a couple of months ago I went to a Claire Rayner 'Now with Wings' tribute concert.
post Monday 6 June 2011

Read it, and you will know why, I hold a lady I met only a couple of times in such high regard.  So it's only one small step away from always reading Jay's 'The happy eater' article in the Food Monthly.  Added to which each and every one of the Rayner family give the very distinct impression they enjoy their grub.

Well today's article confirmed that BIG time.
'Oyster, sea urchins, split figs - can food really be an aphrodisiac?
Rush out NOW and buy today's Observer and read the article for yourself.
Don't dawdle, you'll miss out,
 in the meantime I'll have another glass of wine.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

No photo's today...okay...

just thoughts from a stroppy moo...
got to thinking...

It's blooming annoying when I have to agree with Hubs when he said
"Now you've cancelled your paper, you'll have to read mine!"
I've cancelled mine for loads of reasons, not least because the blooming newsagent always forgot to include the gardening section.  Don't get me wrong - I'm no gardener, only the armchair sort.  The politics of the Telegraph aren't really my bag, although having said that I used to be a Champagne Socialist, now I'm just Champagne.  Not really anything anymore, which in itself annoys me - because I'm of the school of you must vote - it's your right, democracy, votes for women, equality.  Now because of recent times, like a lot of folk I just don't trust them.  Sad I know, and I make no apology, bit like politicians really.

LL don't talk about the war and Tony Blair's involvement.

LL don't talk about David Kelly's demise.

LL don't talk about telling the truth and how it must be part of a new M.P's training to forget the meaning of the word.

LL don't talk about a group of fat folk (me included) sitting around talking about crisps and how on a limited income it is so hard not to buy junk food.
Excuse me, ever heard of lentils, split peas and the like, that you actually have to cook?
Thoughts of the Horn of Africa, haunted me as I drove home, I never went back.

LL don't talk about the con of drinking gallons of water and what it does to your skin, flushing out toxins and crap.
How did so many people latch onto that I wonder?  A wonderful marketing ploy, the water manufacturers must be laughing all the way to the well. 
Why hasn't the message of what smoking does to your health got through to the same degree?

Hubs was right, today has found me reading his FT and do you know something, instead of just looking at the pictures I've now started reading it, and a jolly good read it is.  Well only the bits I understand!
The feature on Private Eye got me to thinking about my days on Encounter magazine back in the Sixties.  What happy times they were.  Melvin Lasky was the editor, the lovely Margot Walmsley as his deputy. A happy work environment where me as the receptionist only understood one tenth of what they were on about.  If only I'd realised then what exalted circles I was mixing in.  In those days my only thoughts were Carnaby Street and the height of my skirt. 

That's enough of my rambling - I'd better get back to 
Financial Times - How to spend it fashion special.
Now you're talking!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why Oh Why...

can't I act my age?
Do I really always have to try and show folk a good time?
Acting the fool, saying stupid things, is that really necessary LL?

I've breezed through life, Jack of all trades, master of NONE.
Bullshit over brains instantly springs to mind.

I'm loud and lairy, self opinionated and worse than that, 
from a know-nothing stand point!

If ever that old adage
'It's better to be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and prove it!" 
applied 100% to anyone, it'd have to be me.

I watched the moon travel across the sky this morning and got to thinking.
 My contemplation of the meaning of life was interupted by watching a sweet little spider busy about her life, living in my little red fairy shoes.
Soul searching isn't for her I thought.

 Why Oh why...
can't I grow old gracefully?

Take up tatting, buy slippers with buttons and pom poms, rediscover the joy of Crimplene,
have a perm, a regular weekly visit to the hairdressers for a shampoo and set, which will last me 'til the next visit.
Lisle stockings, 
BIG pink knickers, only by the end of the week smelling of lavender and wee.
Tune me deaf aids 'til they whistle.
Start harrumphing, trumping even.
Lay down stocks of (No, not wine) Steradent.
Develop the skill of driving at 29 miles an hour.
Tut a lot.


Sad thing is I'm not ready yet, so in the meantime Hubs will still say to me after I've told it like it is...

"Shouldn't you have taken a diplomacy tablet before that pronouncement Lin?"


Monday, 5 September 2011

I'm such a forward hussy...

A date not to miss

A feast for the eyes and the senses.

We'll be washed away on a sea of

mince pies and mulled wine.

Christmas shopping never was this exciting!

Just you wait!