Saturday, 17 September 2011

No photo's today...okay...

just thoughts from a stroppy moo...
got to thinking...

It's blooming annoying when I have to agree with Hubs when he said
"Now you've cancelled your paper, you'll have to read mine!"
I've cancelled mine for loads of reasons, not least because the blooming newsagent always forgot to include the gardening section.  Don't get me wrong - I'm no gardener, only the armchair sort.  The politics of the Telegraph aren't really my bag, although having said that I used to be a Champagne Socialist, now I'm just Champagne.  Not really anything anymore, which in itself annoys me - because I'm of the school of you must vote - it's your right, democracy, votes for women, equality.  Now because of recent times, like a lot of folk I just don't trust them.  Sad I know, and I make no apology, bit like politicians really.

LL don't talk about the war and Tony Blair's involvement.

LL don't talk about David Kelly's demise.

LL don't talk about telling the truth and how it must be part of a new M.P's training to forget the meaning of the word.

LL don't talk about a group of fat folk (me included) sitting around talking about crisps and how on a limited income it is so hard not to buy junk food.
Excuse me, ever heard of lentils, split peas and the like, that you actually have to cook?
Thoughts of the Horn of Africa, haunted me as I drove home, I never went back.

LL don't talk about the con of drinking gallons of water and what it does to your skin, flushing out toxins and crap.
How did so many people latch onto that I wonder?  A wonderful marketing ploy, the water manufacturers must be laughing all the way to the well. 
Why hasn't the message of what smoking does to your health got through to the same degree?

Hubs was right, today has found me reading his FT and do you know something, instead of just looking at the pictures I've now started reading it, and a jolly good read it is.  Well only the bits I understand!
The feature on Private Eye got me to thinking about my days on Encounter magazine back in the Sixties.  What happy times they were.  Melvin Lasky was the editor, the lovely Margot Walmsley as his deputy. A happy work environment where me as the receptionist only understood one tenth of what they were on about.  If only I'd realised then what exalted circles I was mixing in.  In those days my only thoughts were Carnaby Street and the height of my skirt. 

That's enough of my rambling - I'd better get back to 
Financial Times - How to spend it fashion special.
Now you're talking!


  1. Started on the Champagne early today, did we?! I know the FT advertising line is "No FT, no comment" - but blimey, give the girl an FT and she doesn't stop!

    What paper you reading tomorrow, just so we're prepared?

    ps interesting bit about your time at Encounter:o)

  2. Thank you for commenting Jo, I really appreciate it. Usually when I've taken a controversial pill,( as opposed to a diplomacy pill you understand!) no bugger ever replies. For that I salute you.

    The Observer tomorrow, because I think it's the Food Monthly week, which as an ex cheffette I just have to have. Bugger the cut backs.


  3. Well, The Observer should keep you quiet for a few days, surely?!


  4. It's all B*** S***...can't take anymore, turned my back on the lot.
    I enjoy it when you take your controversial pill, it makes for a very refreshing read.