Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Liberty Bodices rule the world...


Forget thongs...
think industrial strength winceyette
BIG PINK knicks.

Budding buds encased in 
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
 Liberty bodice.
The whole ensemble topped off
(or rather bottomed off) with rubber buttons 
to which you attached your warm and woolly lisle stockings.

Happy memories of being warm.



  1. No I'm afraid I don't!
    Lisa x

  2. Well, I am afraid I do, I used to wear a vest and a liberty bodice on top until about May, when I was allowed to just wear a vest. I didn't wear stockings, I was quite young (very very very young) so maybe this was the later (much much much later) version. Oh no, i am really old!!!!!!!1 Where does the name liberty bodice come from? Is that one of your own Linda or did you acquire it from your grandmother!!!!! jayne x

  3. I can only remember wearing pale pink hand knitted vests....oooh itchy. x

  4. wearing mine as I type...resplendantly furbished with boilable rubber buttons...

  5. Morning all, Boy was I cold yesterday; trying to sew with fingers turning white, was painful to say the least. My thoughts turned to being warm and snug in my much loved Liberty Bodice. It is only now with age that I feel I can admit that although I pretended to hate it, it was in fact my bosom buddie. Bit like Clarks shoes; all my friends hated going to get new shoes, remember how the shop used to ex-ray your feet? I secretly loved my 'broad boats' encased in Clarks finest.


  6. Ah the liberty bodice! You knew winter was on its way when they were brought out of hibernation! I only had them as a child and remember them with extreme fondness! New follower Claire xxx

  7. Liberty bodices! Oh yes I remember them well. I hated the awful rubber buttons so difficult for little ( frozen) fingers to do up. On another level - they could be related to my blog on 50 Shades of grey which NO-ONE ('cept my daughter)got! Happy to have found your blog via tedandbunny.