Saturday, 30 June 2012

With a crest-fallen frown...

and paws playing a snatch of
die fledermaus, 
the house-mouse said to the old woman
'the time has come!'

'It's a week since I ate the last of your delicious
chilli jam.'

From the back of the cupboard she retrieved some
vintage jam sugar left over from the war.
Thai chillis, (always bought when reduced to a few pence)
that hung disconsolate, ageing, dried, unloved and wrinkly.
red pepper, red onion, red wine vinegar.
A thumb-size piece of fresh ginger,
garlic cloves,
fish sauce,
mushroom ketchup.

The whole lot, seeds and all,
minus obviously the stalks,
were whizzed and cooked
in her favourite

The mouse could hardly contain his glee...
'Tonight for supper I will have...
mature English cheddar with chilli jam for tea...



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