Monday, 18 June 2012

What was I thinking of...

this scaled up 

onto this?

Who am I kidding?
It's taken yonks to get this far on my first one.
There is no way on God's earth that I will bestir
myself to do a double blanket.

In a fit of activity
I did pin a few things on it this morning, then
held it up and needed sun-shades in order not to 
blind myself with the acres, furlongs even, of fabric still to cover.
You've heard of snow-blindness, bet you've never heard of
Well you have now!

Come back painting by numbers all is forgiven.


  1. you know, I think that the Witney blanket would make an excellent...blanket!
    Just think, when its freezing outside and your teeth are chattering in bed cos hubby has all the bedclothes (excuse the presumption here) you would really NEED a washed-and-ready-to-snuggle Witney blanket, but a wall hanging?
    By the time you took out all the pins it would be morning...
    just a thought...

  2. You're so right! This upcycling has obviously gone to my head. I feel strangely liberated, might even burn me bra...


  3. Hi Linda, found you via Viv at hens'Teeth. Have chuckled my way through half-a-dozen or so of your posts: you'd be very welcome in my village. Ooops, sounds like I own it, doesn't it? ,but there are plenty of posh villages here in Norfolk - peopled largely by folks who weren't born here! (well, neither was I)

    Did you ever sell your luggage carrier on wheels? I don't want it but was struck by the instructions to keep well oiled and tight nuts - a good adage for a long and enjoyable life if ever I heard one!

    Well, have taken up enough of your time, and loads of stuff to be getting on with.....erm, had you thought of dyeing that blanket?Then giving it a good boil - felted wool blanket is DELIRIOUSLY wonderful to stitch...I've just been exhibiting an old angel of mine made that way. I'd kill for a whole blanket, you don't know the riches you've got in your mitts! Tarrah for now....

  4. Hello Lynne, Thank you for taking time out to post a comment. What a brill idea, I love felted wool.
    Trouble is I've just spent most of the morning compiling my Last Post of Crafting, now you've got me thinking... wish you hadn't!