Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cheek by dewlap...

mug of tea in hand,
side by side, we sat up in bed
my husband and I.
Looking for all the world like Eric and Ernie.
Me composing my latest post to the blog what I wrote.
Hubs wincing as he watched the woodpecker
attacking Nigel next door's nuts.

I got to thinking...
No, no, no, not the meaning of life.
How to cook my organic free-range, lived a good life
chicken that came in my Abel & Cole veg box.

The fish pie mix also in the box was turned into
a very tasty...
Yes you've guessed it...
Fish Pie.
I'm slowly working my way through the card.
Cheeses last week together with the tastiest olive bread ever.
I haven't had so much fun since
perusing the Damart catalogue for thermals, 
when living on the North West coast of Scotland.
Top left-hand corner if you're as geographically challenged as me.

This week is my free box week, so I will try 
many and various other delights to tickle me ole 
taste buds. And still only have to pay what I would have, if it
wasn't the free week... Get my drift?

Hubs and B enjoyed the organic case of beer I got them
for the Jubilee weekend.
The speed at which it disappeared would have put 
a strain on the Thames barrier.

After reading in my 'love missive' from the
gorgeous Mr Veg et Abel;
(Alright I know he's a cad and sends them to all his 
foodie followers)
about migraine and wine and how organic wine 
for reasons I won't bore you with now;
allow you to quaff without fear of a thumper.
No guesses for what I will try in this week's box.

Vegetarian, vegan, carnivores are all catered for.

All these folk on about vintage, retro, looking back,
let's apply the same mantra to what we put into our chops.

Eating food in season is what it's all about...
plus protecting the planet.



  1. totally agree...for what are bread pudding and trifle if not re-cycled/up-cycled puds?
    and that's the best reason I can think of for eating them both with gusto!

  2. A few hearty laugh out loud moments again, I knew there was a comedic element to your blog! morecombe and wise were and still are my favourites (Eric reminds me of my late dad). jayne x

  3. Eating with gusto... that's exactly what elasticated trousers are made for.

    In looks Jayne, or humour, or a bit of both?


  4. Ah not in looks, you look gorgeous and your sense of humour is infectious, there should be much more humour in the world!! I agree about elasticated trousers too, bought a pair from a charity shop yesterday - can't be doin with anything uncomfortable, got have room for a bit of an expansion due to over indulgence in the cake department!!!1
    jaune xx