Saturday, 23 June 2012

I yearn... Oh how I yearn...

for a pantry...
yes a proper walk-in pantry...

you know, a get the whole bod in sort; with slabs of marble
for the chilled food, shelves of bottled fruit, 
salted runner beans, jams, pickles and the like.
Hooks to hang ham, 
bread crocks the size of a man,
tins of spam.

for bosoms the size of newly -laid eggs
gently sizzling in a pan


to know what I know now, without the face of
Underground map lines


to 'Chill Man! 
without the worry of... 
what is to come for future generations


to be a little more circumspect, 
instead of flying in feet first


not to be judgemental
'Judge not, lest ye be judged judgmental'
Florence King


to learn to listen, and sometimes 
 read between the lines


to eat marmalade and orange drizzle cake 
without fear 

recipe upon request

 Lettice and I are enjoying our Saturday
home alone without Hubs...  
who PC Plod-like... 
 directs the village fete traffic.

Before you wonder, I swanned up and bought two books,
rich really, considering, 
he tottered up with a coffin sized box of books for them to sell.
And a naff but 'wonderbar' storage jar.

The very, very worst bit was...
on the way back I found myself in our lovely
'Village Life' shop 
were I bought myself a shirt and beautiful linen jacket.
Which hubs naturally doesn't know about yet...
Nudge, nose tap, wink!

A little snapshot of our bucolic
life in deepest ~Kent



  1. tell him (if you feel you have to tell him something) that you bought the clothes at the fete...
    I do have a walk in cupboards just a dresser in the kitchen, and my gorgeous, beloved, shelved, cold, see-everything-at-a-glance (even the cobwebs) larder. It's my favourite room in the house

  2. Lovely photos & wise words - except that I think it's good fun to be judgemental sometimes!