Friday, 8 June 2012

I've got a new love...

a man of a ravishing radish kind...

Mr Veg et Abel
(sorry Keith to pinch your nom de plume)

Alright, alright, ALRIGHT!  I know I'm a hussy and always have
a fave-rave simmering away on my back burner.
This time it's for real.
I ask you who could resist a man who showers you with gifts
and on a weekly basis.
Forget the choccies and garage flowers girls...
a perky pak choi floats my boat.

Let me tell you when the story begins...
For ages my son Aaron has been cracking on about his
Abel & Cole veg box.
Even saying let me recommend you and I will get a free box of veggies 
for the introduction.

I was having none of it; I had memories of my last flirtation with organicals
delivered to the door...
A drearier bunch you couldn't wish to meet.

That is until a couple of weeks ago, when through the letterbox
an offer popped.

'Hello Sunshine'
A good start in my book cos I'm anything but.
Followed by
'Get a FREE cookbook and FREE veg box'

Now many moons ago...
I used to be anybody's for a free carrier bag.
Then all shops jumped on the bandwagon and 
the ole bod couldn't stand the strain.
Added to which the oceans were being polluted with plastic.
Living a self-sufficient life up in the Highlands eons ago, 
I saw for myself the flotsam and jetsam of mans' total disregard of his environment.
Things washed up you just wouldn't believe.

Well to cut a long story short
I decided to give 'em a whirl.
Am I pleased I did.
The range of things on offer, the quality,
the fact you can forgo things you don't like, 
competitive prices, 
meat, fish, dairy, the staff of life (and boy what a life!)
You name it... Beer even, can you believe it?
Shopping in supermarkets just doesn't give me the same buzz.
Yes I know one of my past loves was Waitrose.
I'm nothing if not fickle in love;
why change the habits of a lifetime?

The Abel & Cole beach bum story in the front of the cookery book...
 whet my appetite, plus rang so many bells with my 
tootle through life; not nearly so successful though!

Alan Bennett...
have no fear, 
although I guess you're 'an eat to live sort of a man?'
Which rather loses you Brownie points in my book.

Keith Abel is 'a live to eat', share food with folk, sort of a a feller.
Trouble is he is married...
leaving the way clear for you
to still be in pole position!



  1. Your post made me laugh out loud, you are a natural comedian, I always smile when I read your posts. jayne x

  2. Only you could make a post about organic veg so entertaining! I wish you happiness with your new found love and delivery box.
    Lisa x

  3. What Viv? More of a veggie and fruity kind? I'd be happy to, because my heart is overflowing. Blood pulses through my veins, bright-eyed and bushy tailed me. Must be all the organicals. Love it, LOVE it! LLX

  4. Jayne, Lisa and Viv, thanks for your lovely comments, makes blogging all worth while what!