Friday, 25 May 2012

ee ecky thump rides again...

due to the bodice-ripping success of my first listing... 
I am...
totally changing tack
 and offering the most wonderful chariot...

tell me I'm wrong... 
Is that the most wonderous thing you ever clapped eyes on?

say no more!

film prop, garden feature...

Murder on the Orient Express

Wheels Boudica would be proud of...

and like her I'm taking no prisoners.

The starting price is 


and the auction is open... 


  1. Oh your post made me smile, your descriptions,
    photos and quips are brilliant you have obviously taken a lot of time and effort. Hope this auction goes well. jayne x

  2. hiya...

    I think we got it but we're all a tad cash strapped, trying to sell our own stuff like mad to finance serious addictions to buying stuff we think we can sell when all we do is stroke it and keep it, and probably didn't like to say "its gorgeous, I'd love it at the drop of a hat but am fed-up with living on baked beans for another month after the last pair of shoes/cashmere cardi/horse rug/chicken house/linen sheets *spoke* to me from above..."

    The sack-trucks are divine and probably the nicest pair I've seen...and I can tell you, after a German customer asked me to obtain 30 pairs [never did find out why] some years ago, I've certainly seen some sack trucks!

    So tell your hubs that we do get it, and we get your humour which is refreshingly refreshing and I for one like reading your stuff so no, you don't write for your eyes only!

    Have a good weekend and carry on clearing out- its great to see what other people stuff their lives with, makes my own 2 shedsworth look a little less daunting!

  3. What lovely comments you girls have given me - Thank you.

    Sitting at 7.30 this morning, mug of tea in hand, under the dappled shade of my magnolia tree, I got to thinking...
    'Should I start writing about my life and if so how?' Don't ask me why but the words flow so much better sat at my electronic apparatus. I collect notebooks where other folks collect shoes (no names, no packdrill!?!) I then sit at the altar of a virgin sheet, constipated of thought.

    Until I make up my mind as to what to do next for the best; I think I'll just blog twaddle.


  4. Luvvit! Want one! But sadly no space. Might have to sell the family to make room.

  5. Hi, just write what you want to write about, you have such a great sense of humour it will be interesting whatever you write. I have a tendancy to ramble in every conversation but when I try not too (tell myself shut up Jayne you are rambling!) I still carry on. It is what makes us, us so to speak. That's the reason I put on my blog the ramblings of Jayne.... then expectations not high!!! I too get soooo stuck when I try to compose a post, now I just sit at the keyboard and yes, you guessed it ramble!! Carry on I look forward to reading your posts. Jayne x