Monday, 14 May 2012

Psst... brace yourselves girls...

Vintage has had its day.
You've heard it here first...
or maybe not?
'What makes you say that?' 
I hear you cry...
Well in my...
'I remember that first time round opinion', 
trudging around a fair
last week I felt decidedly under-whelmed with what was on offer.
Stalls topped up with old tat, chipped enamel, faded this, even more faded that.
Don't get me wrong I ought to say here and now, I'm as guilty as the next person, 
with a home full of jaded artifacts...
Me being the main one!

Why are we all so keen to follow the in-crowd.
Have any of us stopped and thought...
'What the hell are we doing upcycling, recycling, bi-cycling?'
Our lemming tendencies make me smile.
Have you noticed the prices are dropping as well?
Economic climate...
or just folk getting bored...
there's only so much vintage a girl can take.
While we're all looking backwards, we've missed what the mirror is telling us...
We're beginning to look the part...
It's called OLD in my book!



  1. Ooooh yes, I do agree - but not many others will, I suspect. We're showing our age, like all that tat. Give me something with style and quality that I won't find boring after a day or two, I say, even if it's only "vintage".

  2. someone asked me last week what I "did"
    I was about to reply "I'm a vintage dealer" when I caught sight of myself in the mirror...
    ps why hadn't i followed your blog before now?!

  3. Yipee... another follower, can't believe it... Thank you T & B.

    I've hovered around 24 for far too long. Trouble is I go and put my foot in it and one drops oft. Must keep telling myself... "Youre doing this for you LL!'


  4. Hi, i've just found your blog via hen's teeth. I love your humour, it made me smile. I totally agree about vintage, my mother would say "i've thrown better out" or "wouldn't give it house room". regards jayne x