Friday, 22 June 2012

Keith, you are to...


what Grayson is to frocks...

and pots...

Fridays find me looking forward with great anticipation
to my Abel & Cole veg. box.

I just don't get it, how can you supply such fantastically fresh
vegetables at such a reasonable price?
Yesterday in what 'used to be' my favourite supermarket 
I looked at three organic leeks for £4.99, 
yes... £4.99!

Is it any wonder that organicals have got such a bad name?

Folk crack on about not being able to afford to buy, and at that price
I'm not so sure the Duke of Westminser could run to it either.

The other good thing I think about you is...
that you don't screw the farmers.
Hope I'm right?
I'm sure I am!
(never one to hide my light under a bushel, me!)

If you can do it, why can't the huge supermarkets?
Does it all come down to money, profit and the
'I'm alright Jack' mentality of so many people today?
Got a horrible feeling it does!


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