Sunday, 17 June 2012

All my life I've been an oik...

might that be I wonder, why the chattering middle class
give me a snooty wide berth?

Living in a terribly hoity-toity village
no surprise then I've never been accepted.

Yesterday saw me setting off to Margate.
Yes, you heard it right...

Well, she would wouldn't she!

'Hold tight snoots!'

I went to the Turner Contemporary Gallery...
Mer, mer, mer, mmer, Mer!
So there!

Why LL?

This is why...

South East Today
our local news station (Beeb)
were asking for photographs to make a
Jubilee picture of the Queen.

Guess who sent one in?
Yes, right in one, me.

Being a self-centred lump,
well you know the rest.

My photo will naturally be part of the crown;
that obviously goes without saying?
Or at the very least sparkly earrings.
grey hair, 
dare I say it...
double chins?

Not a bit of it...
couldn't see my mug shot anywhere.

Well that'll teach me!

I flashed around the Tracey Emin exhibition...
I think I get her?
Not as much as Grayson though.

I then thought I might explore the town...

Words fail me!

From there I set off to Deal, where my lovely dad
lived for a few years. 
In those days it was a sleepy seaside town. 
Years before, as a child we 
would go for family holidays.
Twenty five years ago when visiting dad I used to think it was a 
one horse-town.
Not a bit of it now!
Trendy shops abound, 
interesting folk wander around.
I had lunch in a very bohemian cafe
called the Black Duck (although it might be Duncan?)
can't remember.
Then I found two glorious Witney wool blankets
wait for it...
£3.99 each.

My day was made.

Driving home my mind was full of ideas
as to what to do with my wondrous woollies.
And as I'm going like the clappers on my family history wall hanging.
I thought a autobiographical comfort blanket might be the answer.

Here it is on the line as we speak.

Tracey, Grayson...
think you can sew...


  1. As always a very interesting and astute post, your observations are hilarious, you always make me smile. I do love a little bohemian something, I am an old hippy at heart, and proud of it. Wait with baited breath to see what happens with the blankets. jayne x

  2. Jayne, thank you for your comments. It's nice to know that someone understands where I'm coming from. Tongue in cheek is where; although unlike 'some' at the Leveson inquiry, I do tell the truth, the whole truth.... Why anyone would want to fib about anything in life beats me.


  3. Blooming Heck! Just back today from a few days in lovely Deal myself, I was in the Turner Gallery yesterday too! Mind you, I was so cross and put out by the feebleness of Tracey Emin's "Show and Tell" exhibition that I did not spot you there!

  4. Wow, what a coincidence. Yes I must confess I was underwhelmed by Tracey's 'She Lay Down Deep
    Beneath the Sea exhibition. The best bit of my trip to Margate was the wind from off the sea... so very bracing I thought. You visiting Deal as well, amazing! It would be a lovely place to live if it wasn't so far out. When I lived in York a trip to visit dad would take 2 hours on the train from York to London, then another two hours to get to Deal, a good deal (sorry!) shorter distance. The sleepy old town is rapidly becoming the artisan capital of the South Coast. Who would have thought it, certainly not me all those years ago.

    Have you been to Lewes, if not you must!


  5. Hi there
    Just popped by to say hello via 'ted and bunny' and am thoroughly entertained. What a brilliant bog. Will be back to see what becomes of those blankets.I would guess it may be something a bit different.

  6. Oops, spot the mistake and it was a mistake, I did mean blog!!

  7. Yes - Lewes is a favourite too, we love the South East. Deal is still one of our best places to stay even though (up until 2 years ago) it was, sadly, to keep an eye on my Dad during his last difficult years. I grew up in Dover when that was the pleasant town and Deal was the dump - times and places change!

  8. A bit of a cultural day out is good for us all once in a while. Looks like it got your creative juices going!
    Bargain blankets.
    Lisa x

  9. Margate - from your comment wasn't sure if you loved it or loathed it, and I was planning a day there for my birthday? Is it worth the visit?

  10. Don't go! Or if it's the Turner you're after, park there, have a quick flash around and be off! Hastings is far, far better, or of course Deal. If you choose Deal, have your birthday tea in the Black ? on the front (you'll know it's the one, cos of the black paint!) just where the road narrows opposite The George, at least I think that's what it's called! Hopeless aren't I? There is a lovely walk along the coast to Walmer Castle. Enjoy and have a lovely day.