Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why Oh Why...

can't I act my age?
Do I really always have to try and show folk a good time?
Acting the fool, saying stupid things, is that really necessary LL?

I've breezed through life, Jack of all trades, master of NONE.
Bullshit over brains instantly springs to mind.

I'm loud and lairy, self opinionated and worse than that, 
from a know-nothing stand point!

If ever that old adage
'It's better to be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and prove it!" 
applied 100% to anyone, it'd have to be me.

I watched the moon travel across the sky this morning and got to thinking.
 My contemplation of the meaning of life was interupted by watching a sweet little spider busy about her life, living in my little red fairy shoes.
Soul searching isn't for her I thought.

 Why Oh why...
can't I grow old gracefully?

Take up tatting, buy slippers with buttons and pom poms, rediscover the joy of Crimplene,
have a perm, a regular weekly visit to the hairdressers for a shampoo and set, which will last me 'til the next visit.
Lisle stockings, 
BIG pink knickers, only by the end of the week smelling of lavender and wee.
Tune me deaf aids 'til they whistle.
Start harrumphing, trumping even.
Lay down stocks of (No, not wine) Steradent.
Develop the skill of driving at 29 miles an hour.
Tut a lot.


Sad thing is I'm not ready yet, so in the meantime Hubs will still say to me after I've told it like it is...

"Shouldn't you have taken a diplomacy tablet before that pronouncement Lin?"



  1. You're fab just the way you are - fun, warm hearted and great company. So you say it like it is - how refreshing!


  2. Thank you Jo, shall I wing you off payment by paypal? LLX

  3. Yes please - into the off shore account please.


  4. Sooo funny - stay just the way you are! M x

  5. Wouldn't have you any other way, particularly if you smelt of wee.
    Don't analyise for another are who you are and I love you to bits.x

  6. Darling girls, thank you so much for your support and that reminds me...
    Where did I put my 'Cross your heart' bra and Playtex panti-girdle? Loads luft, LLX