Sunday, 18 September 2011

I think I'm in love... again?

who is it this time LL?

Before I tell you...
after yesterday's rant I'm happy!

For lots of reasons, not least because today was the Observer Food Monthly day and here lies the rub.

My latest squeeze is...

yes... you've guessed it - tomatoes?

Only joking - Jay Rayner.
Alright I know I've departed from my usual gay men lust, 
but hey ho I don't frigging care.

My spirits were lifted when Hubs trogged back from the paper shop with a copy of the Observer.
After yesterday I'd definitely got the wind up.  Perhaps after all these years, my being a fully paid up member of the Champagne Socialist Party was no more.
Cast adrift... Crumbs!

Two pages in, my heart was lifted by the sight of Grayson Perry...
No!  Don't go there LL.
One page further...
'The big Book Swap
begins this week'
Now there's an idea that really appeals.
You won't be surprised to learn that if I read a book that I really enjoy, I positively bully everybod into reading it.
Trouble with the Observer's idea is, I would have to lurk behind a tree and pounce whenever the innocent soul picked up the book. 
Extolling the virtues of the aforesaid, I would definitely put them off.
A captive audience is more my bag.
However I will give it a go.

Now to my latest love...
Followers of my blog (all two of you) will possibly remember a couple of months ago I went to a Claire Rayner 'Now with Wings' tribute concert.
post Monday 6 June 2011

Read it, and you will know why, I hold a lady I met only a couple of times in such high regard.  So it's only one small step away from always reading Jay's 'The happy eater' article in the Food Monthly.  Added to which each and every one of the Rayner family give the very distinct impression they enjoy their grub.

Well today's article confirmed that BIG time.
'Oyster, sea urchins, split figs - can food really be an aphrodisiac?
Rush out NOW and buy today's Observer and read the article for yourself.
Don't dawdle, you'll miss out,
 in the meantime I'll have another glass of wine.



  1. Well I'm not going out agan now - we've only just got back from galloping round IKEA, DFS and Waitrose. I've now got to cook a roastie while Grant walks the dog. After I've done the washing, ironed various uniforms for tomorrow, sorted out the dishwasher and made some strawberry muffins (yum) I'll be collapsing in a heap in no condition to be reading Observer articles!

    I'm glad you're bloody happy today! I think I'll have a glass of wine now too........


  2. At least it wasn't tacky Tesco - another of my pet hates. S'pose you could always catch it on-line? It's about food and SEX, don't want to get you too excited Jo with all those chores still on your 'Super-Woman' to do list.

    Ikea I'm impressed, especially on a Sunday.


  3. I like how you put SEX in capital letters!! I can't imagine the article involved strawberry muffins, not generally known as a sexy (or should I put SEXY!) food. They're more like comfort food. Oh no, what have I turned into? No one say Mumsy or they're in trouble! Right, I'm going to do the ironing in stockings and suspenders.....................;O)

    I am no more Super Woman than the swivel chair we bought for Luke from IKEA. The only way we could cope with IKEA was to get there before opening time (before other 'normal' people got there) and run round like crazed headless chickens.

    Tesco? Ugh.


  4. Haven't been around properly for ages as we've got computer issues. They are great when they work and a great pain when they don't. Hope you are well and enjoying all the loves in youe life to the full!
    Lisa x

  5. Sorry - some of us can still do a discerning shop in Tesco - needs must I'm afraid!!

  6. You are such a slut! It is a quality I really admire in women! ha ha ha!

    Aphrodisiacs? Not sure I could be arsed! lol!