Saturday, 15 September 2012

A face to launch a thousand...


The Saturday sofa found me perusing the
'a passion for fashion'...
how to spend it special fashion edition.

Look, don't get me wrong...
I'm no oil painting; applying the primer, under-coat, top-coat
and sealer each and every morning to my ageing visage gives me the
So who am I to talk,
this I think, is taking the proverbials.

I ask you would this ad, make you beat a path to the door of 
your local Lidl, 
oops sorry...
Lanvin store?

In my book, it's on a par with the ghastly
Lloyds TSB advertisements on the television.
The pointy-nosed pretend folk turn my stomach;
as if I don't hold bankers in low enough esteem as it is. 
This just confirms my worst fears.

Now, I'm all for unlovely, fat old codgers to be featured in
ad's; could there be another career for me,
I idly wonder?

(I do love this word)

even if I had the spondolicks
every fibre in my bod cries out
LL... don't go there; be associated with beauty and light,
not 'plain as a pike-staff' clobber!


  1. Linda I just love your posts, they really brighten my day - thank you! x

    1. Thank you Jayne, I think you must be my one true fan. If you let me have your address I can send you an autographed copy of my book 'How to Alienate and Offend Folk with just a Pinch of Salt'.


  2. You've offended me again!
    I thought I looked fab in that little peplum!

  3. I think she's wearing a rubber corset and suspenders underneath her Lanvin and concealing her dominatrix 'tools' in the fur.
    What we don't see is the lead she's holding, attached to the collar around the neck of the chap on his hands and knees beside her!