Monday, 17 September 2012

alphabetti spaghetti of my...

foodie life.

is for Anchovy.
A pokey little fish with attitude
I absolutely adore

My semi final menu on Masterchef was a starter of
Spinach and Anchovy pate with 
wholemeal soldiers.

50g tin or jar complete with oil, fizzled in a pan to a paste,
added to 350g of wilted, drained and chopped spinach leaves.
allow to cool.  Mix with
100g cream cheese and freshly squeezed
orange juice to taste and a grind of pepper.

Serve in a ramekin garnished 
with orange slices and parsley.
Accompanied by wholemeal soldiers.


A certain important person of my acquaintance
told me of his dislike of anchovies and commanded I not serve them.
'No Sir!' 
*I bobbed my reply.

*That bit's a fib - Sorry!

However, he did thoroughly enjoy my Caesar salad
with the dressing made of the aforementioned no no,
whizzed together with Parmesan, extra virgin! 
balsamic vinegar, freshly ground pepper and
a dash of Worcestershire sauce.


  1. I can't keep up with your prolific posts, the inner child in me loves that spaghetti header. Is there no end to your talents? I used to spell my daughter's name out she loved it. Did you use tweezers? jayne x

    1. Jayne, Errr... as much as I'd like to tell a whopping big porkie. No I didn't use tweezers, just my pork chipolata fingers (note, I'm now very much in foodie mode) to google alphabetti spaghetti. Giving all my innermost secrets away now. Oh how a diva of the deep-fat fryer has fallen.


  2. I couldn't quite believe that the doyenne of the 1992 Mawsterchef final would have any kind of tinned spaghetti in her store cupboard - not even for the grandchildren!

  3. Nilly, No you're quite right. When I could feel this blog brewing I had to think... Have I ever bought a tin of spaghetti, the answer is no. Aaron, will happily tell what a deprived childhood he had, crying into his bowl of unctuous French Onion Soup on his return from swimming on a Friday night.


  4. I take it the ! after extra virgin was NOT a typo? ;)