Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What has David Tennant got...

to do with Bette starlet-in-waiting?
see side-bar

Well, I'm going to tell you.

Last night, on putting my laptop to bed I happened to notice that...

Wait for it.....

Someone's only gone and put a bid in for

With heavy heart I Little Billy Goat Gruffed
up the stairs.
Some might say I've mis-cast myself...
Troll might be more appropriate.

Stoically I fought back the tears.

Ted on seeing my brave battle
(not this time with the bulge - 'Later darling!?!)
'What's worrying you now my 'little' treacle?'

With lower lip a tremble,
I spluttered my worry at the loss of my much loved

'Hold tight Lin, you never give her a second glance,
where forlornly she sits in the garage!'

'I know, but that doesn't mean I don't love her with all my heart!!!'

'What about David Tennant?'

'What about David Tennant?'

I angrily reply,
 knowing in every fibre of my being, where this conversation is going.

'Well every frigging time you see him on the telly,
you cry...

'Come back David, I loved you as Dr. Who!'

' I KNOW!'

'I wouldn't mind but you never even watched one episode
of him as the Dr!'

'That's not the point!'

Men just don't get it do they?



  1. overhead in a coffee shop ages ago...two ladies head-to-head..."well if he was any batter than he was, he'd be a woman and then he'd be no use to me at all..."

  2. Nope they just don't get it! I mourn David too, I also never watch dr who especially that new guy, who is just not cutting it, as the dr, in my opinion ....even though I've never watched it!
    P.S Who is Bette anyway, just wonderin :-) x

  3. arrh ok must learn to read properly, just met betty, 2 bids how exciting.... adrenalin is good, remember....

  4. OOOOh two bids how exciting. Think it is a women thing, when I have a stall selling old clothes I always think I want it back just as I have sold that cardigan I have worn once about ten years ago - strange phenonemon! It's a woman thing that men bless em will never understand!