Sunday, 10 August 2014

Plump, purple legs pumped...

as we thundered out 
Oh What a Lovely War...
and then it was over.

We've learnt a whole lot about ourselves.

To say we enjoyed every second, would be slightly underplaying
just exactly how we felt.  And you know me...
say it like it is LL, preferably with 
stonking great knobs on. 

Lots of times I've walked up sidewards 
to doing this after-show post.

You know something, the light has gone out.
I'm flat... even the diva sweets flown in especially
for me from Glyndebourne

now known as Grether's Pastilles

haven't managed to work their magic.
I'm resting, I've got an after-show cold. 
The thought of my birthday on
Thursday with flutes of bubbles, trips to Deal,
maybe even Dungeness, can't seem to lift me.
Perhaps, as has long been suspected...
I am a flaming prima donna after all?

This is the solemn last scene after a quietly sung a few bars of OWALW
 We blew our candles out, the hall went dark and we all remembered them.


  1. So glad you enjoyed your performance Linda. Will you be signing up for the next production? Enjoy your birthday and your trip out x

    1. Signing up... elbowing out all would-be threats to our treading the boards again, more like! Curtain-pulling and backstage work have been completely forgotten in our love of the limelight... sad really.


  2. Oh what a lovely pic! And with your snazzy purple and black outfit you might be eligible for my sister-in-law's gothic morris dancing troupe in Harrogate, if you ever find yourself "resting".

    1. Resting!?! I've made an art form of it dear girl!

      All the girls had snazzy different coloured thick tights, which I think enlivened our pierrot outfits. We did enjoy it Nilly, trouble now is, our live is so blooming dull... we are actually having to talk to each other.


  3. You look great! and what fantastic costumes. It's bound to be a bit of a downer after all the time spent in preparation and then it seems like it's all over in a flash, but there's always next year? x

    1. The cast are all suffering from post show blues; added to which the rarified close confines of backstage, tiredness of four months rehearsals have given most of us a nasty bug cold/chest infection. The price of stardom eh!

      Next year, forget backstage help, Ted and I are up for romantic lead, love interest, wicked witch, butler, fishwife... you name it, we'll be elbowing all out of the way to get a part! Shrinking violets we aint!