Friday, 25 January 2013

Slathering the butter on to the toast...

this morning, I got to thinking...
Why is it that six months into this fasting
regime, my weight has stayed exactly, yes
exactly the same?

We have been fasting since the Horizon programme
was aired back in August.
every Tuesday and Thursday we fast...
Me... nothing until dinner
(I ought to say dinner is now so early, it could be called 
tea .. 5 pm)
Ted... 1 slice of dry toast and Marmite for brekkie
then the long hungry haul until 5.

The weight has dropped off himself,
leaving me podging on the shelf of self pity.

Alright, alright, I know I must be doing something wrong!
Could it be the intravenous pork pie I wonder?

Lardy legs me, does have penchant for all things FAT!
As far as I know butter, my especial fav. isn't an addictive substance...
is it?

I just thank my lucky stars fags never had me in a thrall.

This morning I started the day off by rushing across to the studio
to see if, wonder of wonders the scales were taking a break.
Off came the many and various, I quivered with anticipation,
the scales quivered with excitation.

Not 00000% of a frigging pound was lost.
Hence me having two slices of heavily anointed bread this morning
instead of the usual smug one. 

Flopping on the sofa, rationing myself to a tiny, tiny sliver of 
'Bring up the Bodies'

(see, I can do it, just not with food!)
I so don't want to finish it anytime soon.
A line popped out...
describing Anne in the Tower...
'one of those tired old experts in innuendo.'
That's me...
Why LL?
S'pose, it's because I want to entertain and make people smile?

However, after an anonymous comment yesterday,
don't get me wrong, all seeming innocent, 
offering to help with the lay-out of my blog and suggesting a link to their
web page?

Suddenly I thought, am I giving off the wrong messages here?
My stories are all true, however I do over-egg the pudding
a tad... I am a flaming cook after all!

Fibs are clearly marked as such!

Looking back I've discovered more of the same on other posts.  
Reluctantly I've stopped anonymous comments.

Sad really, because I am such an advocate of free speech.

In future I will, I will be more circumspect.

If you were a betting person...

wonder what odds you'd give on how long it'll last?



  1. 1. I commiserate over the lack of poundage loss, that really is a bummer.
    2. You are you, don't ever change, for anyone or anything.
    3. Anonymous, if you have something say, have the courage to put a name to the comment.
    4. Not a word was uttered from my Father, all day yesterday, much to Mother's annoyance and thanks to Wolf Hall :)

    1. Aaaah! What lovely comments Viv... thank you.

      Your thoughts make it all worth while.

      I am so glad your Pop is enjoying Wolf Hall. I've got to the stage now with the sequel, where I try, oh how I try, to stick to a couple of pages a day. What WILL I do when its finished? Work I suppose!?!


  2. Innuendo is our life-blood here at Nilly Hall! We camp away from dawn until dusk, eyebrows arched and eyes rolling. Carry On Insinuating!
    N x

  3. I was told to lose weight and lower cholesterol in September. I miss butter. Lordy, but I MISS butter..........

    "I can't believe it's not butter"....... I BLOODY WELL CAN!

    1. All margarine should carry the name... 'I can't believe it's not engine oil'