Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rapunzel-like I...

(alright, alright I know I haven't got long blonde hair...
use your imagination will you?)
stick my nose out from under the duvet.
Sniff, sniff
(no I haven't got a cold)
What's that funny smell?
All up through my tiny 'Runpunzel Towers' cottage...
Up, up, up it goes...
through the kitchen, the winter room, 
the cyber eyrie...
up, up, up the steep, steep stairs to the boudoir.
"What is that smell?"
Old ladies knickers and wee?
Could be!
Tom cat's calling card?
No, the fragrance is far too sweet.
Lemsip on the rocks?
Far too avant garde.
Got it... Lemon Drizzle cake!
No, too homely.
'What then?'

one of my many fav flowers.

I just adore it.

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
The postman with the sweetest little
box addressed to me.
In January, a pressie, I ask you...
'Wot is the world coming to?'
'Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy!'
says Mike our lovely postie.
I bustle around tidying up and trying not to look, nor yet imagine 
what delight awaits at coffee time.
The cottage is quiet, Ted's out,
Lettice is asleep in bed.
The aroma of a cafeterie full to pussy's bow, fills the air.
Excitement crackles,
expectation peaks,
fingers tremble,
scissors snip...
through the brown paper and beyond...
to the last frontiers.
Capt Kirk* couldn't have travelled as far.

Out of the box this little beauty hopped
made by my WDIL
(translation - Wicked-daughter-in-law)
{family in-joke}

Tit or sparrow who cares...
Mitten found deep in the snow...
100% cashmere, don't you know!

One of the advantages of being a Captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it. 
-- Kirk in 'Dagger of the Mind'


  1. What a kind & clever girl - Scandi-style too, very on-trend.
    (One advantage of being me is dishing out advice & NEVER taking any!)

    1. I'm with you on that one Nilly. 'Don't do as I do, do as I say!'


  2. How lovely to receive a parcel, nothing quite like it! How kind of your wdil to send you a little something to cheer you up x

    1. Pressies made and sent with thought, love and care are brill. What a lucky girl I am.


  3. Ha! ha!. When my mother died she specifically stated there were to be no flowers at the funeral (she considered them a waste of money). My ex husband sent a bouquet addressed to T.W.W.O.T.N (The wicked witch of the north). I hasten to add that that had been his pet name for her, and they got on famously!