Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hand on heart... honestly...

could you see,
Hugo Rifkind,
 the son of the urbane
Malcolm Rifkind
(he of the plummy cut-glass Scottish burr)
being lustful back in Eighties Edinburgh, of racy Austin Allegros
(alright I know 'racy, sporting and Allegro' should never be in the same sentence)
a frigging roof rack?
I ask you?

Perhaps he is'nt the son of M.R?
He is...
I've just
'Can you blame us for taking advantage of the lax British tax laws'
Googled him.

You may not be surprised to learn I've got a new love
(of the mothering kind, you understand?)
How could you not love him?
a) he doesn't bother to comb his hair for a very important photo,
b) he wears what I suspect is a grubby white long sleeved top
under his Primark's finest camouflage I'm just off to the tropics shirt,
c) And more importantly, his obvious lust for the cloth-cap life 
he was never allowed to get around to tasting as a kid.

See his superb back page column in today's Times.

Happy New Year to all who have taken the time
to wish me season's greetings.
Haven't felt like blogging due to reading
Wolf Hall
Hilary Mantel
If you haven't...

already my new years resolution of not being bossy and self-opinionated
has bitten the dust.


  1. He's certainly more lust-inducing than Malcolm - and, from what I can tell, just a bit less Tory. But he writes for the blooming Times who won't let me read his stuff for free online! (I'm a Guardian kinda gal)
    And he's so wise for one so young! He already knows that all men grow single-minded with age & all women grow insane & turn into Annette Bening in American Beauty! Just wait till I run that by Mr N - how he will laugh.
    PS We once had an Allegro with a hole in the petrol tank so we had to refill it every few miles - how sad is that?

    1. Nilly, I'm impressed if you can't get The Times on your ipad, mepad, weallpad, surely you didn't buy a hard copy?
      Lust inducing... Malcolm...give me 2 Shredded Wheat tops anytime: I do go weak at the knees by a man who has dirt under his fingernails. (Fib!)

      Austin Allegro man rules okay! Sex on bald tyres as opposed to legs.


    2. I enlarged your image and squinted! I could red most of it.

    3. The girl's got hidden talents... I'm impressed.


  2. Being the ignorant, unread, head in the sand type of person and not having a clue what you are talking about...all I can say is that we had a white Allegro, many years back...we called it the Flying Fridge.

    1. Viv, funny that, most people don't, perhaps that's why I languish on 34 followers unlike you with 34 squillion.

      Allegro and frigging WHITE, how cool is that?


  3. I do so love reading your posts, and your replies to your commenters! I am with Viv on this one, was lost on the first sentence - never had an Allegro either! Happy New Year glad you are back. Will look up that book though! Jayne x

  4. If I was lost on the first sentence Jayne... I'd give up... so thank you for hanging on in there.

    Memo to self... gather your thoughts LL before you fire off another post.