Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nothing much moves here...

this is the reason why...

I'm in the thick of the Tudor reign.
I'm stood shoulder to shoulder with Thomas Cromwell...
I'm devouring each page of prose;
I'm re-reading; double checking the 'Who's Who'
of Henry's court.
(for fear of missing the teensiest nuance of a bygone age)
I'm wiping off the condensation dripping
on the dungeon walls of the Tower.
Lice bite.
I feel the flames licking at my feet. 
 The cords binding me to the stake cut into my flesh.

Fear curls slowly, slowly through every fibre of my body.


  1. Ha!

    I shall be taking the late Steve Jobs to my bed tonight......... Weird? Moi? (Or should that be mwah! ha! ha!?)

  2. That is a weighty tome if ever there was one! You put me to shame, i've just read 'Starter for Ten' by David Nicholls, hilarious. So glad you are back jayne x

    1. Two recommendations... you and mm... I'll look it up.

      Back wasting time, more like.


  3. Ha! Ha! re your comment. I can back up Jayne here with loving "Starter for Ten" - such a funny book.

  4. OK! OK! I've finished Parade's End (though I'm still dreaming about Benedict Cumberbatch - I like my men a little odd-looking)I will put Mr N's gift, English Style by Ben Pentreath, to one side and start on Ms Mantel - friend J gave me this. It appears to be a 1st edition hardback,good condition - might be worth a bit too!

    1. Hope Mr N doesn't hear you say that. Must confess, from what I can see of the photo taken 'fifty' years ago, looks much more handsome than Benedict Cumberbatch Esq. older admittedly!