Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sphinx-like I sit on the sofa...

millennium of minutes pass me by.

Sphinx-like my Smart car sits in the garage...
millennium of imaginary miles pass it by.
We can't go anywhere due to the expected arrival of one
Miss Tena... well to be exact, three...
some might say a shipping order...
shipping I said!

Our days revolve around the dog...
The highlight of our short Winter days is catering for her every want.
Her sphincter isn't what it was; tell me whose is at 104,
105 on St. Valentine's day?
It's just a dribble, sometimes not even that, no puddles or accidents on the
3 a.m. sees the man, scantily-clad putting her out...
if that isn't love I don't know what is!

We've had to learn semaphore, she's deaf...
must be catching, although the only semaphore
I know, is the two-finger kind!

Putting her out for 'Hurry Ups'
is a particular joy; twitching the curtains we  
eagerly await the passage of the cordon bleu casserole.
Thomas Crapper would be proud.

Spot the Ball by any other name...
would smell as sweet! 

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  1. I'm sure Lettice loves you for your devotion to her. I'm wondering if Mr N will be as kind to me if I find myself so indisposed - and I to him...