Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tears of salt drop...

into my cup of hot Oxo.
Is it any wonder my blood pressure is high?

The book is finished...

"Comfort is often, he finds, imparted at the cost
of a flea or two."

Thomas Cromwell has a soft side?

What now...

A hair is caught between the pages of the book...
Mine or the dog's?
Thomas More's, more like.

The dust settles around me;
the sofa cushions fall back
as if beheaded; as my ever-increasing
buttocks vacate my ring-side seat...
Madame Defarge would have been proud.

Can I bear to wait?


  1. I have a very weird relationship with reading. I read a lot of non-fiction but do enjoy a novel or two. However, in a weird sort of way I do not like starting a new book as then I will have read it- mmmmm that sounds a bit mad. Glad you enjoyed your book. jaynex

    1. Jayne, it doesn't sound mad to me, I know exactly what you mean. Bit like old girls with their cupboards full of virgin bed linen still in the original packaging. Death catches them out; before they've found the courage to slumber in pristine new sheets. The contents of which, sewn together... would make... a shroud to cover them;
      the church, and congregation as well.


  2. Mr N's just told me he'd intended to buy me Bring Up The Bodies for Christmas - but he'd misread the price. It was £12 not £2. Charming!

  3. Wait Nilly, until you see it in a charity shop: it's good, very good but not quite as enthrallingly (like that word... might even use it again!) written as Wolf Hall.

    My Where to Stay guide is filling up a treat - Thanks.