Monday, 14 January 2013

Inside my head a...

momentous decision has been taken.

I am no longer going to kid myself I have an
artistical bone in my body: the sad fact is...
I frigging haven't!
There I've said it.
All along I've kidded myself: alright, yes, on occasions and with a following
wind, I have turned out 'stuff' that folk have bought with their hard earned cash.
Over the years I've squirrelled away fabric of all textures, colours and hues.
To what end LL?
This morning was a case in point, I thought I'll get cracking on a
mish-mash of odds and ends of material; a veritable sewn pot-pourri;
Salvador Dali meets Christina Rossetti... 
they make mad passionate love on my fabric pyre.
Hot is the word.
The end result; with my tweaking, will be the envy of all.

In my 'studio' (Well you would call it that, wouldn't you, if you had
delusions of crafting grandeur?) I pulled out all interesting snippets on which to start this amazing masterpiece.  A few minutes in, and already the will to sew was dwindling fast.
Thoughts of past projects filled my mind; the angels, cushions, bunting, needlecases, bags, curtains, badges, keyrings, pincushions, hairclips, dolls, denim, corsages...
cortage more like.

'Who you kidding any road?'

What to do now, that's the big problem?
Shall I become a writer?  At least with my sore thumb I can bang away
on the ole keyboard without doing too much damage.
A patchwork of thoughts and feelings; sounds good to me!  
I'll flog off all the crafting geegaws 
and with the money buy myself a revolving shed like
George Bernard Shaw.

I'm just off now to check out ebay...


  1. no dont do that.....maybe you just need a break or try something else stitchy....i too know that i am not artistic....i can copy things but not create but heyho it amuses me and keeps me from boredom now the kids have left,,,,,

    1. I'll keep your views in mind elsy... thanks for commenting... much appreciated.


  2. did your wind follow the people who bought things from you?
    Hve you tried peppermint...most effective I'm told!

    1. It was probably the wind that coloured their judgement. An ill wind and all that jazz...


  3. Ah Linda, you are always so hard on yourself! I remember that jacket you created, it was gorgeous! If you enjoy making things why not just carry on! Still think you should be a writer, you are a natural comedienne, I love your posts and your sense of humour! Keep doing what you are doing I love it x jaynex

    1. Ted always says that, Jayne... and yes I suppose I am. My thinking is..get in first before the others!

      I am so glad you enjoy my posts, I enjoy doing them so a win-win situation.


  4. I suggested the writing career months ago LL - I think you are a natural. (Or "au naturel" - check out the nudie photos G B Shaw took of himself...)

    1. I know you did Nilly... thank you... tack words, not stitches. Just off for a pervy peep...
      'Wrinkly Willies R Us' is it?