Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pin-pricks fell in the South East...

Call yourself SNOW?
The meanest, pinniest, pricks of frozen
rain you ever did see.

FAT, fluffy flakes were
requested, nay...

and this is what we got...

that's what mean cooks do with cold-pressed extra virgin.

I am fully aware that talk of the weather
is the main topic of conversation of old folk;
well, that and their bowel movements. 
However I'm not old... okay?

These are my ten reasons why...

1.  I LIKE snow

2.  I don't repeat myself, you receiving me?
I don't repeat myself.

3.  Haven't donned the BIG pink knicks...yet!

4.  Don't drink Gin and It

5.  Never listen to the Archers: although must confess 
I did when I lived the 'good life' in the Highlands and didn't have a telly.

6.  Still own a pair of fishnet stockings
(alright, I can't do the rubber buttons up on my
sexy suspender belt... due to arthritic frigging thumb)

7. Don't need glasses
(conveniently forgetting I can't hear a flaming thing) 

8.  Love my husband
(Yes,'s only been 4+ years... early days)

9.  Take an interest in politics!?!

10. Think all this navel gazing of yore
is a load of tosh...
Look forward...



  1. I don't know why we have weather forecasting - they are never right! I am sure you will get your wish later in the week, it is, as my mother used to say, cold enough for snow!!!!! Jayne x

    1. I don't know how but... it can be too cold for snow... der!


  2. Great post, I love the cartoons.

  3. I have those on my(very long)list too - plus
    I am NEVER EVER going to watch a film especially made for oldies. Blooming "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" - Pesky "Ladies in Lavender"!

  4. Err... trouble is Nilly, a friend said 'You must see... yes you've guessed it!
    It reminded me so much of you and the clothes you wear!'

    That must be you as well, if what Jean of Leeds said is right...Oh gawd! Perhaps we ought to take our linen-clad ole bod's together to the matinee. Sit on the second row, so we can pop our false teeth on the row in front, as we tackle our HUMBUGS! You game?