Wednesday, 23 January 2013

As I pulled my jumper sleeve over...

my hand in order to clean the washing line...
I got to thinking
'Why am I such a lazy toe-rag?'

I had padded through the snow to open the greenhouse
and get the pegs out ready to hang some washing on the line.
Instead of going in to get a cloth I thought I'll do it with my jumper...
Words escape even me!

In my defence the jumper was brown!

Hanging the washing out, I got lost in thoughts of
many moons ago
(this is what happens when you get old- you live in the past)
when first married...
(well married for the first time, there is a difference)
I had visions of me dry mopping the floor.
In those days you had carpet surrounded with lino,
fitted carpets were in the future.

Chatting away to my mum as I worked; I was surprised to see her mouth fall open,
distress writ large across her face.

'What?'  I cried.

'Whatever are you doing Linda?'

Turning to close the understairs cupboard,
mop still in hand; I scratched my head in bafflement, with the other free hand.

'I've no idea what you're on about Mum?'

Spluttering she said
'I've seen some things in my time, but I never thought I'd see a daughter of mine,
shake the dust off the mop into a cupboard!'

As my mouth opened and closed, looking for all the world like a 
goldfish in a bowl I thought...
Perhaps it's not the time to tell her I have been known to hoover the sheets!?!


  1. just as you were wiping the line, I was pulling my cardi sleeve down (cashmere no less) to dust the coffee table...and I thought it was only me!

    I bought new kitchen lino once to save having to wash what was already down- doesn't get much more slatternly than that!

    1. Cashmere... that really is up-market slatternlyness... I salute you!


  2. Guilty as charged your honour - never ever wiped my washing line!

    1. Jayne, you've made me feel positively saintly in my sluttish ways!


  3. I find that Mr N's undies, discarded on the bedroom floor every morning, are of a perfect absorbency to mop up that annoying condensation on our non-double glazed sash windows. They make very good dusters for the banisters on the way down to the wash too.

  4. And to think, he thought they were skid marks!