Monday, 28 January 2013

Things I love...

and things I don't.

I love dogs
I don't love cats... cos
I love birds more.

I love sprouts
I hate kale.

I love having brilliant eyesight
I hate being deaf...
Everyone, nearly everyone, cracks the same 'funny'...

I love having the strength of character...
not to hit them.
I hate the fact that they feel they can get away with saying it.

I love starter and a main
I don't like main and a pud.

I love cheese
I don't like chocolate...

I love outspoken people
I hate folk that never say what they mean.

I love to laugh
I love to cry
I hate to mope.

I love slummocky people
who don't give a fig.
I don't like helmet lacquered hair.

I love curves
I hate the meanness of angles,
pared to the bone.

I love to laze
I hate the guilt that attends.

I love my broad mind
I hate my broad feet.

I love thinking I've got hidden talent
I hate not being able to frigging find it!

I love  salad... yes I really do,
I love stodge
I hate being tubby.

I love being laid-back
I hate not being more dynamic.

I love looking gamine with short hair

Audrey Hepburn - I wish!

I hate looking like I've plugged myself into the mains when I get up. 

I love having nothing to do
I hate having nothing to do!

I love a clean house
I hate doing it.

I love to think myself a wit
I hate folk meeting me and finding...
I'm anything but!

I love having a social conscience
I hate what human beings do
to each other and the planet.


  1. I do love reading your posts Linda, they do make me laugh out loud (even when I am alone). Glad to see you back to your old self in the blog department!

    1. Thanks Jayne! Trouble now is, my artisticals need an outlet which won't hurt my appendage; word embroidery's the obvious way forward!?!


  2. Fantastic stuff, and I agree with so much of it.

    I particularly agree with the lazy bit (and guilt) and I suspect that you are never bored either!

    1. When Hope my granddaughter says 'I'm bored!' I idly wonder where she's got it from?


  3. I said "Me too" to most of those!
    Always cheese and not chocolate. How daring of you to say that!
    And I love Audrey Hepburn - even though she had angles!

    1. Audrey Hepburn... I thought she was superb, even though she was probably the first recorded case of anorexia? Her angles I forgive!