Saturday, 3 August 2013

Incy Wincy Spider...

 I crept down
to find Lettice cowering in the bathroom.

The growling god of Thor,
rumbled and grumbled across the sky;
accompanied by the flashes of his mistress's thighs...
Frack me! Her power as she flashed, 
would leave the Energy minister
out of a job.
A brazen hussy, worldly wise and full of 
her electric magnetism.

We sat the dog and I,
two lost souls in the sea of doggy fear.

Ted arrived, minutes later.
'Tea for two at two?'
I enquired.

As we sat, the storm rumbled away.
All doors to manual,
the breeze through, refreshed and renewed.

It was then I spied, in the gloom and  cooling air.
A spider, not one, but three waiting... in a row.

'Those wire flowers have done that
to you before! It's only the centres that you see!'

Arachnids in line in the 
half light... but wait... 

This morning the flower spiders
had a friend.

In the past I've written about my love of spiders.
I even had a pet spider who chose to live in 
the window in the kitchen.
I found him dead in the sink the
days just after Simon died.

When we go away for any length
of time I always put a towel over the bath
as a means of escape if one fell in.
In my utility room, which closely 
resembles Steptoe's yard, I carefully
drape string into each mug, glass, vase, jug
and bowl, for the very same reason.

Spiders are never killed in this house.
It comes in part from
my lovely mum
who always said...
'If you want to live and thrive,
always let a spider run alive!'
I always have...
in her memory...
She died aged 48.
Some might question her belief
in the saying.
Me, I can't kill anything...
Some politicians I could
oh so easily knife.
Not the same though is it?


  1. when we went away I put a wooden spatula in the kitchen sink so the silverfish could climb out. . .

    1. Glad I'm not the only softie Elaine.


  2. I have a 24year old nephew, who, if left home alone (still living at home) and discovers a spider, will shut the room and block the gap under the door with a teatowel so the spider wont escape. He has been known to sleep on the sofa for a week after trapping a spider in his bedroom, so that his dad can find and remove it on his return!

  3. Alone at home and getting ready for bed, I once saw a large ( HUGE in my eyes) spider in one of my shoes under the dressing table. I ran downstairs, and phoned my elderly mother who lived up the road. She suggesed getting a glass etc and throwing it out the window. No chance I can't even look at one for long enough. So in despair I then rang my daughter who lived 100 miles away. She made the same 'glass' suggestion. When I wailed that I just couldn't, in exasperation she said, "Call the police then!" and put the phone down. Believe me I considered it, but slept on the sofa instead.

    1. Ditto! The spider police number is 888!


  4. Neither God nor Nature has created a wonderful, perfect world. It is full of creepy, crawly things including spiders, snakes and some humans. None of which do I want anywhere near me.

    1. People David, can be far more creepy than spiders methinks! Spiders as far as I know, don't have a hidden agenda.


  5. Poor Lettice, storms are awful for our dogs. I used to be so frightened of spider Linda, just lately I have had lots of spiders in our home, I just leave them to their own devises. I have to say I do love teeny tiny money spiders x

    1. Lettice now totally deaf doesn't worry about fireworks, however, even with the curtains closed she sees the lightening and probably experiences the pressure change.

      Let money spiders run over your left hand, you will be assured of pots of money. It's never worked for me, mind. For you it will I'm sure.


  6. I tend to be a little harsh on creatures that aren't quite so harmless as spiders - woodworm beetles, dog and cat fleas, mosquitoes and - dare I mention them - head lice and worms!
    Are you kind to those too?

    1. Yes I can see woodworm beetles affects your profits. Dog and cat fleas... not nice at all... ditto mozzies and head lice. But pray tell me Nilly, what has an earthworm ever done to you, to cause you not to love it!?!


    2. Intestinal worms (not me - children & pets!)

  7. Chief Seattle... a wise old chum of mine from way-way back.