Sunday, 11 August 2013

Picture the Saturday scene...

Boudicca arrives home...
on foot...
from the pub,
on foot?
Yes, you read it right...
on frigging foot!

She had a flat in her chariot wheel

This weekend has seen her deep
in the regionals, her own not

Essex girl (well nearly) Dartford actually...
so she's technically Kentish.

Friday found her discoursing in her
very best estuary accent with
Georgie neighbours.
fluent Brummagem.
She's nothing if not multi-lingual.
There's many things that make her come over all
peculiar, and regional accents are one.
Don't you just love'em?

A bustling pub set in the Kent countryside,
where cousins of the world unite were
holding their bi-yearly shin-dig.

Pints were sunk, wine flowed and the talk
ranged far and wide.

If there's one thing she loves,
when not out with knives
flashing, cutting all men to the quick
with her repartee:
she does enjoy a catch-up with
her adopted family.


  1. That's a very flattering cartoon of the late Queen of the Iceni. She wouldn't have liked you saying she had an Anglo-Saxon estuary accent, though. Boudicca would have sounded Welsh.

  2. I have got a bit, not sure which bit though, of Welsh in me. It was a lovely surprise when a long lost relation Great Aunt Myfanwy left some money to me. I did have to share it with a Donkey sanctuary, RSPB, Cats Protection League, etc., although sadly not a disenfranchised gorilla retreat. In total the sum amount payable to me after that lot had their paws in it, sadly wasn't enough to buy a gorrilla a banana, nor yet a Lion bar.


  3. Ah Linda, I do look forward to your posts! I love a regional accent too. I am quite fascinated about them, however, there are one or two I find really grate on me. I'm sure my Geordie accent irritates some! Jayne x

    1. Regional accents... the stockpot of life, simmering on the back burner. Each helping a different intensity.


  4. Me too, I love accents - growing up Kent-ish with parents from other Southern counties, I ended up with a bland non-accent. My trouble is that I can't stop myself slipping into the accent of who I'm talking to or the place I'm visiting. I promise I'm not mocking!

    1. Like you Nilly, with my many and various ports of call in life, my accent is middle of the road. Well, that is until my dander is up, and then the estuary vowels rear up, and bites 'em on the bum.


  5. I love regional accents. I can pinpoint Hull/Beverley within minutes of hearing it, and Aberdeen/Peterhead too, due to my mother coming from there.

    1. A finely tuned ear if I may say so madam. Long may it continue.


  6. I long to hear these different accents. My first boss was from the Isle of Mann and I can still hear his voice 25 years after. I also worked with a Geordie and struggled a bit until my ear tuned in. I blogged about the Aussie accent a few weeks ago. Some interesting stuff that I didn't know myself. Here is the link for you to practise