Friday, 9 August 2013

Shocking revelation in

today's paper...
the headlines screamed...

'Most of women's
holiday clothes return

This is news...
broadsheet to boot?

Over the years
we have been very, very fortunate
to travel to many exotic faraway
places in the world.
And with just the exception of the Artic,
where packing Liberty
bodices and big thick knicks in
hand luggage is taking
the fleecy-lined Michael. 

We have latterly only ever taken
carry on luggage...
'Ooh Matron!'

The joy, when you swan off the plane
and head straight out is
not to put too fine a point on it...
especially on the trip home.
Outward journey; you then have to wait
for the others also booked for 
Smug is the look that
is writ large on your chops,
as you peel off the sexy
flight socks and let it all hang out.

Books are by far the weightiest
items in my case.
Shifts, swimsuits,
Isambard Kingdom Brunel strength brassieres, 
knickers and sandals.
Is all this 'girl' needs.

Before you say what about a kindle?
What about a Kindle?
I got it into my head that electronic
books are full of the
Reader's Digest condensed finest.
That went out of the window in
short order...
I'm nothing if not dogmatic.

Professor Karen Pine, 
a researcher in development psychology said...
women yearn for home comforts whilst away.
'They over-pack to cope with those feelings of stress
 and reduce the uncertainty.'

Yer, right: like the sort of uncertainty...
 as to whether to wear
the spangly bikini or the burka?
Drink bubbles, Breezers or Adam's ale?

If this is to be believed then men
must pack chisels and hammers
in order to not feel their
DIY skills will depart at the speed
that they sink Tiger beer.


  1. Quite topical as I sit here sewing a couple of tops to take away with me. Why though? When I have plenty more in my wardrobe and there is a washing machine at the house if anything gets dirty! I need to pack small and light or else it won't fit in the car alongside dog/dog basket/hamper of food (it's expensive in Ireland apparently/daughters (trunk) suitcase and all her beauty preparations and makeup/laptops.... oh and us of course!!

    1. Just a girlie trip is it Debs? Have a great relaxing time, you certainly deserve it.


  2. I have to admit to taking everything but the kitchen sink with me when I go away - just in case. (The case in question is a vintage one, my 21st birthday present from my parents. I think they were hinting at something!)

    1. I can see it all Nilly... Gladstone Bags'R'Us!


  3. My advice to travellers has always been 'Take half the amount of clothes you think you may need, and twice the amount of money'. It works for me!

  4. My parents didn't wait for my 21st to give me a suitcase, I got it on my 18th! :O))))))))))))))

    1. Oh dear... were you a naughty teenager?