Saturday, 31 August 2013

A flavour of my...


All is spider quiet in
Rapunzel Towers.
Ted has taken our guests
out for the day
to Hastings and Rye.

'Don't rush back!' 

Sitting in the shade of the magnolia-pagoda tree,
after prepping tonight's dinner,
all is peaceful in my 'show'em a good time' world.

As WDinL has often said

'Linda never knowingly under-caters!'

as she staggers, clutching tum from the table.

'My tummy is getting in the way of my knitting!'
she cries as she flops onto the sofa.

Tonight's menu...

Home cured prawns

Baked Cod

Basil Panna Cotta
with boozy-baked Madeira Oranges.

Oh and the Elizabeth Shaw Mints,
which strange to say... survived.

Last night Ted and I went out for dinner...
alone and without one of us (Ted) worrying about
drinking and driving.  And us both worrying about Lettice.

Our friends suggested they dog-sit to
enable us to go out.
 Part of the deal was for us to be taxied
there and back.

In the back of the car I said

'It feels like our first date;
don't you go getting any funny ideas,
I'm a clean-living old tart I'll have you know!'

We went to the 
West House in Biddenden,
which Giles Coren-like, I will bore you with at some later date.
I've always fancied myself as a restaurant critic,
mainly because it combines two of my great pleasures...
eating and writing.
Contentedly I strolled out of the Michelin starred
restaurant proudly sporting not one but many
Michelin stars in my eyes...
Much rubber is going to have to be burnt to
balance my spare tyres.
Whipped dripping, the very idea!

What a fabulous meal we had.
Trouble is, I come over all cheffy and get ideas
above our usual diet of Ginster's pasties,
MaccyD's and KFC*

Just popping in to make myself some tea and a slice of
Victoria sponge.  Talk amongst yourselves 'til I return.

As I was saying...
trying not to spray the keyboard with
cake crumbs

I said to Lettice only the other day

'What cur of your acquaintance
has a kennel with a cellar?'

Of late she's taken to sitting out in the utility room,
which does have a bottle or two stored 
for occasions such as this weekend.

Her favourite tipple...

Chateauneuf du pup. 

One other thing before I go
a picture for Ian Hutson.
We're very gourmet in this neck of the woods,
even the spiders have
lobster for supper here!**

* Whopper... probably the biggest one to date!
** Followed hard on the heels... an even bigger one!


  1. LL, I just loved reading about your weekend last night before bed, and seeing a pic of little Lettice. It was nice of your friends to give you and the KP a night out. Ooh and that menu mmmm ~ no fear of Maccas ever turning that into a burger :)

  2. Mmmm - spider stir-fry. Delicious.

    I went on a "first date" once but quickly decided that it was better to let the staff handle such things and tell me about it afterwards.

  3. Lucky girl, I love the West House - looking forward to your review of your food there!

  4. My mouth was watering at your menu, just my cup of tea, and my favourite cake Victoria sponge. I am so glad you had a night out without worrying about Lettice. Look forward to your review of your meal. Jayne x

    1. It was all delish. I will do a review some time soon!