Friday, 23 August 2013

As I tied a scarf around my...

head, I got to thinking...
I look like an amalgam of
Gypsy Rose Lee and
Dr Barbabra Moore.

From this, my thoughts turned to other

Patrick Moore
Quentin Crisp
Zandra Rhodes
Ian Hutson
Stephen Fry
Isabella Blow
Ken Dodd
Vita Sackville West
both of my grandfathers
Nigel Kennedy
Clement Freud
Lady Gaga*
Duke of Windsor

True eccentrics...
do they know it
even if people tell them, do you believe them
wear odd clothes
not give a stuff
not know the meaning of money or
conversely know all too well
shoot from the lip?

Honestly I haven't a clue,
what do you think?

Who have I forgotten,
probably hundreds.
When it came to compiling a list,
my mind went blank. 
For the life of me I couldn't think of a single
artist** or author.

The Bloomsbury group,
Pre-Raphaelites I didn't include, because well, not to
put too fine a point on it,
apart from their art they were driven by other
Does sexuality come into it I wonder?
Does the not knowing whether they're coming or going,
cause the strain to come out in other ways?
Intelligence and finely honed artisticals
 has to be a factor as well...
or does it?

In the meantime I'd best be off to 
polish my crystal ball.

*  Not sure whether she qualifies or not?
** Lucien Freud


  1. I do love an eccentric Lynn, I think Lady Gaga qualifies. I am wracking my brains too, and can't think of a single eccentric to list! x

    1. Lady Gaga was a red herring or blue steak.


  2. I think there are probably different sorts of eccentrics sharing certain characteristics in common - not following "the herd" being one and not liking to be told what to do or think is another!
    I like to think the eccentric gene might be a component of genius myself - don't you?

    1. With that as a yardstick Nilly you and me must be up here... but wait... that can't be right?


  3. Love it , them . I suppose us poorer souls don't get the prestigious eccentric rating so I guess i have to settle for "odd ball" ;)

    1. Oddball... I'll just call you ma'am (to rhyme with jam) will that do?


  4. Personally I think Lady Gaga might be a bit too contrived to be a real eccentric. How about the lovely Gilbert and George as your artists and Grayson Perry?

  5. Personally I think Lady Gaga might be a bit too contrived to be a real eccentric. How about the lovely Gilbert and George as your artists and Grayson Perry?

  6. Oh why didn't I think of them! Especially as I've written here, an open letter to G.P. And a love note to the boys. What was I thinking about?


  7. Hmm, not sure what eccentric means really, though I think not knowing you're eccentric is an essential factor, which rules out all those people who affect eccentricity, always wearing odd colour socks etc (this rules out Nigel Kennedy for me!)

    However, as you mentioned Vita Sackville West I thought I'd share my favourite VSW quote with you, the one they don't make much of at Sissinghurst:

    "My Manifesto: I hate democracy, I hate la populace, I wish education had never been introduced. I don't like tyranny, but I like an intelligent oligarchy. I wish la populace had never been encouraged to emerge from its rightful place. I should like to see them as well fed and well housed as T.T. cows [I think she means dairy cattle], but no more articulate than that. (It's rather what most men feel about most women!)" (Letter to Harold Nicholson, 7th Feb 1945)

    Perhaps one to emblazon on the wall in the Sissinghurst tea room!


    1. Couldn't agree more D. You saw the odd socks too? A brilliant interpretation I thought.

      You probably not methinks?

      Remind me to tell you of my opening my mouth and putting my size six biker boot in it, when last at Perch Hill. (Well the only time actually) Happy Days.


  8. You mean me not eccentric? No, not in the least, far too ordinary. When I think of the people I would call eccentric - Patrick Moore, Magnus Pyke, the bloke who used to give racing tips on Channel 4 - they have an element of flamboyance about them, they have exaggerated mannerisms and are quite extroverted. I'm probably the opposite of these. Also eccentrics edge towards genuine oddness, so for me Stephen Fry and Grayson Perry wouldn't count as eccentric.
    Look forward to hearing about the Perch Hill boot-in-mouth episode!