Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A killer line...

I've always had a way with words.
A killer one-liner is what I love,
not only issuing out of my rosebud lips either!

Over lunch with the family on Sunday
 my WDinL Claire said...

'Centre of attention that's where 
you're happiest!'

It's a Leo thing, Leos do 
tend to be larger than life...
well that's my excuse.

And do you know something...
I think she's blooming well

Last time they were here,
I was really getting in the zone
talking about one of Lettice's poos.
Even going to the trouble of, with hand on the sofa
making the circles of the offending item,
which I was likening to a
Walnut Whip.
Boy was I having fun!
Well that is until...
Claire looked up from her
never-ending knitting:
she's knitting a scarf for the great wall of China.
That gives you a mere sensation of the 
scale of the projects she undertakes.
Talking of undertakes...
'I'll get her to knit me a shroud, when the time comes!'

She stopped; the world fell silent, and
out of her mouth came the immortal words...
'You need to get out more Linda!'
Well laugh, I never thought my drawers would dry.

Anyway I digress...

This is my lovely dad...

and me.

Alright I know you've seen this photo
before, however the reason I've chosen this is
to illustrate my story.

We had a lovely dog called Poppet,
which Dad would hold up like this and say
'Who is the best looking?'
Coz Chris and I, at about the age I am in the
photograph would scream...
'Poppet, Poppet, Poppet! 

This little charade would go on for
what seemed like years,
until the last fateful day when
I replied...
'Even arse-upwards she'd still win!'
Needless to say that went down in our family

Dad never did it again...
Can't for the life of me think why?


  1. Sadly, still about as precocious... and at my age... worrying to say the least.


  2. Don't know about your one-liners - but you certainly are a one-off!

    1. Luckily Nilly the mould was broken. Once an oik, always an oik. You just wouldn't believe the terribly sensible stock I come from!