Sunday, 8 September 2013

With seagulls calling, the music...

strikes up and instantly we still
hear the dulcet tones of 
Roy Plumley.

Mr OW is looking for subjects
to interview, I have it on the best
authority thumb screws will not be used,
due to paragraph 2, section o.u.c.h.
of the Geneva Convention.
If interested in taking part
put your digit right here

Flirting (I seem to do a lot of that lately)
with the idea
I thought shall I have a go?
Now there's nothing folk i.e. me,
like better than talking
about themselves, some might think 
I do too much of that here,
and they'd be right, I'd never admit to it, mind!

This led me on, to the time I was asked
to do a Radio Kent type
Desert Island Discs.
Imagine my joy at the thought!
I carefully choose my eight records,
with the reasons why.
Needless to say I thoroughly
enjoyed myself.
Setting off home with a copy of the 
programme I was happy.

On the next visit of Aaron and family, just
as they were roaring off back to York,
I gave him the copy of the programme to listen
to on the journey.
My thinking: kids asleep in the back
Aaron and Claire might like to hear
my choices and for why?


Next time we spoke I at the last,
 dropped into the conversation the question
that I ought to say, was burning a socking great hole
in my mind...

'What did you think?'

'Err... we didn't get around to listening to it!'


I think the moral of this story is, there is only one person
who is interested in you and that I'm afraid to say is...



  1. Too true dear LL ~ although I did think you and YP when I read Mr Owl Wood's call for hidden talent.

    1. And how about... YOU Carol?


    2. NO WAY LL ~ I may be fully medicated, but am no wild extrovert :) and we both know I am not thick skinned enough for such expose. Hope you have had a lovely day :)

  2. Tsk tsk m'dear - be brave, be bold, be b'gered.


    Seriously, last thing I want to do is to trample on anyone's comfort zone! Fully-medicated wild extroverts only please...

    1. Don't you think I don't know that my dear chappie. I'm still toying with the idea. Must confess, I've read them and do find your take on things very, madly masterly. What never ceases to amuse me is 'Do you mind if I call you Doris?' 'Yes!'

      My main worry is, I will be drawn into all this other social media 'stuff' and playing hard to get has always been my mantra. Some might say 'Don't look now LL but it ain't working!' And of course they'd be right and naturally it goes without saying I hate them with a passion.

      Just keep taking the tablets dear boy and I''ll come and see you a week on Tuesday.



  3. Oh dear - I too suffer the rolling of eyes & "Yeah yeah - laters, Mum" attitude - with one exception. My lovely Sikh daughter-in-law actually shows my blog to her father and brother who show great interest! They know how to do family in India.

  4. We've lost it haven't we Nilly. Perhaps it's a good thing... I dunno? Perhaps we expect too much?

    How lovely that you have a superb daughter-in-law. I do too; only last weekend I got an email out of the blue from Claire to say very complimentary things about me. You could have knocked me down with a feather!