Sunday, 29 September 2013

Idly plucking the...

odd stray hair,
carefully waxing the pins,
I get to thinking...
the double standards
of women...
or to be more exact...
this woman.

Fickle is the word that
springs to mind.

When it comes to men
my bĂȘte noire is male vanity
the proliferation of men
dying their hair to hide the grey.
Hair transplants.
Comb overs
Eye lifts
Face lifts

Comfort in their own skin
oozes sex appeal

Grey hair makes a man look more distinguished
Dyed hair... a prat.

Wrinkles signal they've been around the block...
experienced in the ways of the world.

Lines around the eyes...
sunbeams from the solar warmth

Face lifts...
Try reading a lifted face...
Mills and Boon.

Untouched visage...
a tome...
War and Peace... 
worthy of a toothing.

a muff by any other name.

Comb over...
words fail me!

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