Saturday, 7 September 2013

The champagne is on...

the dog's dinner is in the
slow cooker... all is good in our world.


Tonight is the Last night of the Proms.

I think I ought to go back to the beginning...
well not the very, very
beginning, Henry Wood style.
My beginning with the Proms.
Those of you who think you may have a teeniest
take on who I am, may have sussed I'm a rebel,
with and most times without a cause.
the one constant in my life has always been the Proms.
Men have come and gone, lifestyles, work, zeal, causes,
politics - not anymore - sad but true, 
a special speciality.

You may have also picked up, not the best and most attentive 
pupil a teacher could ever wish for.
HOWEVER, there is one lesson that is
etched in my memory...
the day I shone in class...
yes you heard right...

Linda shot to the top of the class!

Close your eyes and picture the scene...

Monday morning....
 in Dartford's answer to St Trinians.

Yes you heard right Dartford!

Mrs Norman our English teacher
was taking the class.

Monday morning...

kids who aren't really that fussed...

Cycling to work she had obviously
decided that she would send them all off to 
sleep, thus ensuring her an easy start to the week,
by mentioning the Proms.

Her opening gambit...

'I don't suppose any of you saw the 
Last night of the Proms on Saturday?'

Lethargy stalked the stalls: we called them desks.
Well that is until the  
back row was breached.
Lindy Lou raised her somnolent head,
her ears suddenly pricked.
Before she knew it without any known thought
her hand shot up in the air.

'Yes Mrs Norman I saw it and thought it very funny to
see the banner carried by one of the promenaders

'Carry on Sargent!'

Mrs Norman's grey whiskered chins quivered,
hitching up her long tartan kilt,
readjusting her winged specs, she for the first time
focused on me!

My class-cred soared and for the very first
time I could see why all these snivelling goody two shoes
sucked up to teacher.

The feeling didn't last and before long I was back
to acting the form clown.
I ought to say that it is only
 that I regret my laggardliness.

Okay, so I've painted the picture for you...

pay attention.

Back in the day, when I first started blogging
 my very first post was  a photograph of Lettice
watching the Proms.
22 August 2010.

Every year I think will this be her last?
She doesn't seem to care that she can't hear a note,
she enjoys it so much.
She totally gets it; she's appreciative of the quieter
passages and joins in with the conductor when
his arms indicate the more rumbustious

Lettice has been in our lives for
over fifteen years.
Every year of late I've wondered whether
this Last Night will be
her Last Night.

Sleeping soundly now, she is unaware that she could 
possibly be on the cusp of her last Proms.

On a brighter note, Ted said to her only the other day

'I'll let you know when there's a Bach concerto on,
you'll enjoy that!'

photo taken winter 2006


  1. I'm sure she'll have many more 'last nights' ahead (that is meant to sound positive - oh dear!) Our old Jessie Dog is 15 and there's been many a time we thought she'd eaten her last biscuit, but she's still around - with her failing hearing the Proms may as well be a passing train! Enjoy the rowdy choruses x Jane

    1. We all enjoyed it thanks Jane. Lettice joined in the first half, then it all got too much for her and she slept through the second half: where in past years she's been happy to join the promenaders misbehaving. At least we could hear it this year. I always cry, there's something about mass choirs that pull on the old heart strings. A few years ago we went to the Royal Albert Hall for 100 choirs singing The Messiah... Magical.


  2. I am sure I will be able to hear you joining in from here Linda, enjoy your night and try not to think about next year. Jayne x

    1. Big fat tears rolled unashamedly... you can't beat a good cry.

      I always say when I discover a long lost relation has left me a shed-load of dosh, I will pay over the odds for black market tickets, for my especial cherry-picked concerts of the Proms season. There's no point being viewed as a madam and not living up the folk's expectations is there now?


  3. The only dog is this house is The Old Dog Mr EM. And he is certainly barking.

    So tonight we've tuned into the Last Night and will flick to those other Proms in Parks and City centres around the UK (brilliant idea of the Beeb). We've messaged our darlings across the globe and are hoping they will catch some of it. Most have attended the proms at some point though, like us, none have seen the Last Night except on telly.

    Looking forward to the outfit/dress that American mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato will wear for Rule Britannia. Also to the slightly barking violinist Nigel Kennedy who will also be performing tonight. And of course to the way the first ever Last Night ( American) female conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop, faces up to the persistent adoration of the promenaders. At least it's not the 4th of July!

    1. Hope all family members far and wide enjoyed it?


  4. Aaaah - those long gone Kentish school days. My best friend once met Sir Adrian Boult - er, have I remembered that right? - or did she make Sir Adrian bolt...

    1. Name dropper you! I've danced with someone who hasn't danced with the Prince of Whales... but wait..... I have entertained someone who has danced with the Queen... Mer... mer... MMmer... MER!


  5. Lovely photos LL. Hope you all enjoy your evening at the Proms and the champus.