Sunday, 15 September 2013

Meniscoid tears filled my eyes...

my heart slowed and soared
with exquisite anguish.
New thoughts floated free
as tears escaped their quivering
Salty snail trails slowly 
criss-cross my face.
Sofa-snug I sat happy in my
newly acquired state.
I'm free of my self imposed
scolds bridle.

Thanks to a comment on a past post,
suddenly my inner turmoil
of wasting time seems to
have been put in perspective.

Comments are the lifeblood of bloggers,
so for all of you that have and do...
thank you, 
especially to the one who
has made me stop and think.


  1. Hope you are OK LL. Don't scold yourself too harshly or for too long. Have an absolutely wonderful Sunday x

    1. Carol, I am absolutely fine, happily free of worrying about my wasting time.

      Last night I read a comment that at stroke, emptied the guilt-filled rucksack I've carried for far too long on my back.

      Don't you just love blogging? I know I do!


    2. Guilt is a heavy load to carry in anyone's rucksack. Blogging is much more fun than Facebook or Google+ :)

  2. Obviously you are NOT wasting your time - you have just completed an in depth study of M words in the Oxford English Dictionary.

  3. I'm not 100% sure that I've used the word correctly, what I do know is my eyes were full; the tears held in suspension hanging as if by magic, just like water, or better still wine in an overfull glass... Meniscus. What I do know Nilly is, that I was in the grip of a powerful freeing emotion and it felt so blooming good.