Monday, 9 September 2013

One chill night...

and aspiration withers on the vine
The hope 
the expectation 
seems now no more 
than a passing fancy

With sprightly step I did
this morning what I've done every morning
for many sun-filled days
I proudly walked the plot
marvelling at Mother Nature's bounty

Suddenly death and decay dog my every step
The air seems different...
menancing not mellow
Forlorn not fecund

Carrying the tumbling tiger tomato
into the greenhouse...
the baby I nursed from incubator

to the great outdoors

Tottering under the weight
of 'little' Tommy I hardly
dared show my disappointment

This sole survivor
my pride and joy 
never really rewarded me

Where did I go wrong?

Tart fruits with tough skin...
and after all the love and care
this is how I'm repaid...
a bitter pill to swallow

Shakily I walked away
back to the empty cottage
Lettice happily slumbering in her bed

The memory, just that
a memory 
of warm fruit filled days
seems in
the blink of an eye...
to have gone

Sitting by the fire on a winter's day
planning from the colour filled
now just a distant dream



  1. Autumn is definitely upon us here too Linda. I love summer, the way the day extends into the night. The light fades around sevenish and my only consolation is switching on my many fairy lights and lanterns about the place. Jayne x

    1. We've gone here Jayne from the little heater last week churning out cold, to this morning...HOT.

      Like you, I love the fairy lights making the place seem cosy. Probably says a lot about us, but hey ho, do I care, do you? No, not a flying fig. Giggly girls to the last, and long may it continue.


  2. I hate it getting dark early, but, there's nothing that chocolate won't cure... unfortunately I think I've reached that age that eating a whole bar now gives you a migraine, so, a hot mug of tea and a packet of biscuits is now taking it's place. OOOh that's an idea... x

  3. My garden has suddenly gone very autumnal & seedy, brightened up by berries, crab apples and masses of quinces. Any good recipes for the quinces besides the usual jelly and cheese, please? A savoury one would be good.