Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Patiently waiting for supper to...

Spider sits by
 her silky sun-spun web.

Full from her lobster
Saturday supper, she decides a little gentle
housekeeping is in order.

'Who would have thought my silken spinning 
would have bagged such a prize?'
she idly thinks as she makes good the damage done 
by the flying crustacean.

'And in Kent too!'

Sitting in the shade of the ivy
 she decides now is as a good a time as any to 
make a start on her Christmas knitting.

Socks from hand-spun yarn
what could be better...
three down, five to go.

'After such a handsome feast, I think a
little light fly would do, topped off with a cabbage white...
A girl has just got to have her greens.
So good for the complexion, what!'

As the sun sets, with eyesight failing,
she puts her knitting away,
content in her chosen tree in
a wildlife garden.

Where to find a cosy billet for winter?
Lincolnshire is very nice so I'm told!


  1. Good Morning Ms Letticeleaf and arachnoids. Wishing you all a lovely day from Oz. :)

    1. Thank you dear girl, we're all tickerty-boo here thanks. Hope you are too?


  2. I have this day issued orders that any and all archnids, with or without visas, will be met by the glint of the two cold, steely barrels of a decent shotgun at the Lincolnshire borders.

    Im my life I have loved very few things that can dangle upside down in the shadows while throwing a home-made lasso over anything that looks like dinner. [I make an exception of course for my sister, Pear Tree Byre, since she is simply keeping alive our late mother's traditions and skills as passed down through the generations.]

    1. Being her younger bro, Elaine will probably box your ears when next you meet. That or set Toby Too onto to YOU. How the devil is she? We haven't heard a squeak out ot her of late.
      And your brother, hopefully he is on the mend?


    2. I believe the brother to be as well as may be, all things considered, but he is quite naturally re-entering a compensatory phase of monastic inter-sibling silence, most likely in order to compensate for our recent indecorous and un-English over-communication brought about by his rather demonstrative living-related issues, to whit, his incapacity viz independent and regular exchange of O2 and CO2, and in the matter of victualling.

      The sister's ok.