Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Doris hereby announces...

Summer is officially over,
not the glorious weather, mind!

She is forthwith and not aforesaid
claiming back her studio.

The Vacant sign on the gate
is being taken down,
the last of summer's visitors have gone.
She can concentrate on getting her
personal space back.

I have it on first hand authority
she is developing a new MO.

'Oh yes!  Do Tell?'

I know what you're thinking... 

and that is exactly what I said to her only this morning
with the same scepticism in my voice.

she went to great pains to explain...
'I am at much personal expense of both time and money,
developing my new persona!'

'And what would that be Doris?'

I said with excitement bubbling up from
 deep within me very vitals.

'I'm giving the new shrinking violet me an
airing at tomorrow's meeting!'

Bringing myself round from the numbness 
that oh so slowly crept its way from my ankles 
to the top of my head.  I shook myself back into the land of 
reality.  Well, perhaps reality is the wrong word... 
the sort of tandem universe I've been operating in
since our paths met all those years ago.

The trouble is, you just don't know whether you're coming
or going, when you attempt to bask
in the rays of a being who has packed in so much 
 in their 'short' life.  Modesty weeps from
 every pore of her being.

The worst bit of it all, is...
it's blooming true.
If it wasn't, you could that least nod 
sagely and humour her,
thinking all the while...
 Walter Mitty.  

My only thought now is...


I will naturally report back with
my findings in due course.

Will she, or won't she?


  1. Yes, I am with Elaine..... Who is Doris?
    Maybe I have missed something along the way?
    Please tell....
    Julie x

    1. Girls,

      Doris says to tell you that unlike Mr Chad, she isn't prepared to put her head above the parapet at this juncture. Yes I know she talks in riddles and is a tad shy, however she wants me to tell you, when her cover is blown, you will be the first to know. Between you and me, I think she is seriously up for the part Judy Dench has just vacanted in James Bond. Hence her wanting to keep her powder dry... oh and her foundation.


  2. Yes, well I'll be interested in seeing the shrinking violet version at the meeting, not holding my breath to be honest!

    1. 'Just you wait 'Enry Higgins, just you wait!'


    2. And she was doing so well...?


  3. The plot thickens! Or is it just me that's thick! Get the MO bit but as for the rest. Obviously not consumed enough wine this evening.

    1. I'm just being my usual naughty self. All Doris and I want to really do, is to settle (like the hoppy bits in a glass from the last dregs in the barrel of real ale) comfortably into old age.

      My great hero Hilary Mantel says never to explain, let the reader work it out for themselves. Not that for one nano-second do I put myself in the same scribing stratosphere, mind!