Saturday, 23 March 2013

Whatever happened to...

Luncheon vouchers

Angel Delight
Instant Whip
Five boys chocolate bars
Sunlight soap
Mr Pastry
Muffin the mule

Wagon Wheels that seemed as big as Wagon wheels
Starting handles on cars
Cream on the top of milk bottles
Fry's chocolate Fruit Bars
Proper Corned Beef
I bought some the other day...
pink, minced mush...
horrible... horse?
Bird's Trifle mix in a box
Dinner parties... Seventies
Baked avocado... very swish
Prawn cocktail,
Steak cooked to shoe leather
Real chips
Dripping sandwiches
Green veg boiled to buggery and back
Bicarbonate of soda in cabbage to soften?
Black forest gateau
Baked Alaska
After Eight mints
Kissing on one cheek
All matching Denby Arabesque

Tureens with lids
Hostess trolleys

Encounter magazine
The Bunny Club 
Nova magazine
Ban the Bomb marches
Greenham Common girls
Telephone boxes that took real money
That firm that came round to offices to
sanitise the phones.
Telex machines
Telegram boys
 Real ink
Fountain pens
Painting by numbers
Politicians falling on their swords


Just had a thought...
Kunzel Cakes... very middle class
Lyons Individual Fruit Pies...
very working class!

Lyons Corner House
The Golden Egg
Machines that x-ray your feet
Start-rite shoes

Ooh... wish I hadn't started this...


  1. but do you really REALLY want all these things back?
    yes perhaps Angel Delight (butterscotch flavour) and Nova Magazine (I remember buying that).....baked Alaska and After Eights are always here if you want to feel gloriously sicky (along with Jammy Dodgers and Hazelnut Whirls).
    Starting handles on cars only if you want to break a wrist and you can't have more hedgehogs until they have a massive badger cull cos they eat most of them.
    Telegram Boys? hmmm...only if they wear those cute hats!

    1. My brain on overdrive that's all Elaine, trouble now is... I can't stop.


  2. Not forgetting Brentford nylons for static inducing fitted sheets - oh, and Greenshield Stamps!

    Brilliant post.

    1. Brentford nylons fitted sheets; they were awful, turn over fast in bed, and generate yourself enough static electricity to power a small town. Paper nylon petticoats that crackled when you walked. Net petticoats that made your bum look like an OS map of the Bullring in Birmingham.


  3. Nothing there that I don't remember - the best were Kunzel Cakes.
    What about Drene shampoo, Odorono deodorant, Omo washing powder...
    More memories, please LL.
    (Is this a memory test for the over-sixties, by the way?)

  4. I remember all of these, my mother told them about them!!!!!!! What about tupperware parties, my mother had a party susan! I remember the tights I wore at school calvados or brandysnap. you are right linda once you start you can not stop..... great post, the comments are hilarious too xxxx

  5. I can't write properly - should have read my mother told me about them! Dah....

    1. Exactly like me Jayne, I wang off a post, comment, then settle back; have a look, then realise a little light sub-editing would have been in order.


  6. Yet oh yes.... Machines that measured your feet with metal plates, side to side, top to bottom and startrite shoes with button fastenings. Pineapple chunks and cheese chunks on cocktail sticks shoved in a grapefruit hedgehog style , melon balls....ah memories!

    1. I haven't really even scratched the surface of the food of yore... good point... another day perhaps?